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  • Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild has a General Meeting on the First Monday of the month (with a few holiday exceptions).  From July through October they will be IN-PERSON at the Pacific Grove Community Center, 515 Junipero Street ( at 15th ST) in PG.  We will ZOOM November,  and January  meetings.  We will gather together for our Holiday Party in December.

  • Our meeting starts at 6:30pm and include a special presentation with an invited speaker. The speakers are nationally and internationally known quilters. 

  •  All members will receive a Zoom link the day of the ZOOM meetings.

  • There is a guest fee of $5 for meetings with speakers.


ZOOM Workshop

Saturday's--March 18th. 9am to 3 pm.  

Julia. McLeod

Starting with Silk


In this 6-hour workshop you will learn how to use silk fabrics in your quilt-making. We will - 

  • Identify silk fabrics and distinguish them from those made with other fibers

  • Discuss fusible stabilizers and how to use them 

  • Learn an improvisational crazy-piecing method 

  • Learn fabric foundation piecing. We will draft our own simple muslin foundations 

This workshop has three elements: You’ll begin by determining the fiber content of your fabrics by using the burn test. We will then cover two very different ways to work with silk: first, a very free, improvisational piecing technique I call ‘Pieces, Pairs and Panels’ and second, a foundation piecing method that gives stability and ultra-precise results, even with the lightest weight silks.

Working with your stash, you’ll construct elements in these two techniques that can be combined into a small, pillow-sized finished piece.


Learn more about Julia 

Workshop Fee: $48

Registration: Online at or contact Kathrin Brown

Kathrin Brown, Programs

General Meeting and Lecture

Monday, April 3rd 7:00 pm.  In-person

6:30 Pre-Meeting activities (Library, Information, Community quilts!)

Dora Cary

My Quilting Journey


General Meeting and Lecture

Monday, May 1st  7:00 pm.  In-person

6:30 Pre-Meeting activities (Library, Information, Community quilts!)


Dyeing to Tell You

This talk has valuable information for painters, "dye-shy" stitchers and experienced dyers. Topics covered include:

  • Which dyes work best, and which to avoid

  • How to use dyes safely

  • How to dye in your washing machine

  • How to mix colors brilliantly

  • How to approach creativity, two methods

  • Where color trends come from

  • How dyes have changed our lives

  • This talk also touches on sex, drugs and good books


General Meeting and Lecture  ZOOM

Monday June 5 at

Tara Faughnan

Design Process

Her Statement:

"I am a quilter, teacher and pattern designer who is passionate about always learning new things, stretching my skills and playing with color!


I draw inspiration from the simple bold geometry of antique quilts, the gorgeous bright colors from textiles around the world, and freedom and spontaneity found in unconventional and improvisationally pieced quilts.  I like to use simple geometry, complex color interaction and find the line the exists somewhere between harmony and discord."


ZOOM Workshop

Saturday June 17th 9:30 to 3:30

Give and Take Quilt- Improvisational

Workshop with Tara Faughnan

Tara Faughnan is known for use of color and complex color interaction in her quilts. The Give and Take quilt is an exercise in controlled improvisation. This method of practicing improv within the block and then squaring it up for final construction allows room for a lot of play and exploration both in color and form. We will also discuss how color placement and value can create high impact compositions that moves the eye across the quilt.

Level: Beginner to advanced

Fee: $62 for members - includes the patter

General Meeting--In-person

Monday, July 10, 2023  7pm

6:30 Pre-Meeting activities (Library, Information, Community quilts!)

MPQG Sponsors Tables and Demos

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