• Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild has a General Meeting on the First Monday of the month (with a few holiday exceptions).  From July through October they will be IN-PERSON at the Pacific Grove Community Center, 515 Junipero Street ( at 15th ST) in PG.  We will ZOOM November,  and January  meetings.  We will gather together for our Holiday Party in December.

  • Our meeting starts at 6:30pm and include a special presentation with an invited speaker. The speakers are nationally and internationally known quilters. 

  •  All members will receive a Zoom link the day of the ZOOM meetings.

  • There is a guest fee of $5 for meetings with speakers.

Workshop with Karen Foster--IN PERSON

Saturday, January 14. 10am-3:30

Improv Abstraction-Playing with Parts & Possibilities

@ Sally Griffin Center - 700 Jewell Ave, Pacific Grove.



All skill levels

A class that sets aside the need for perfection & predictability, encourages a relaxed approach to machine piecing mild and severe curves while exploring improvisational design. Students are asked to prepare a portion of their fabric in advance (see homework) and will choose the level of freeform vs structure in their composition with guidance and support during the workshop. 

Monday, December 5, 2022 - 6:30pm 

Meals on Wheels Building (Sally Griffin Center)

700 Jewell Avenue, Pacific Grove

Winter Social & Fundraiser

General Meeting and Lecture

Monday, February 6th. 6:30 pm. ZOOM

Laura Hartich

Linear Notes and Labels

Do you need to step up your documentation game? Does labeling your quilts seem utterly tedious when all you want to do is keep sewing? I am on a mission to convince quilters that documenting their work is worth the effort, and that the process can enrich any quilter’s creative practice!

General Meeting and Lecture

Monday, March 6th. 7:00 pm.  In-person

Julia McLeod

Rescue Me!

It saddens me to find a stack of vintage quilt blocks in a thrift shop or yard sale that were never made into a quilt. I love old table linens but who uses them any more? Textile treasures from far away countries often languish in a drawer, seeming out of place once we’ve brought them home, and thrift shop clothing finds can often present challenges if they’re not made of cotton.

There’s nothing I like more than incorporating old and neglected materials into new quilts, bringing them out of years of storage and into the light of day.

Follow several projects from rescued materials through to finished quilts and learn about the techniques I use to tame unusual fabrics.

ZOOM Workshop

Saturday's--March 11th & 18th. 9am to Noon.  

Julia. McLeod

Starting with Silk


In this 6-hour workshop you will learn how to use silk fabrics in your quilt-making. We will - 

  • Identify silk fabrics and distinguish them from those made with other fibers

  • Discuss fusible stabilizers and how to use them 

  • Learn an improvisational crazy-piecing method 

  • Learn fabric foundation piecing. We will draft our own simple muslin foundations 

This workshop has three elements: You’ll begin by determining the fiber content of your fabrics by using the burn test. We will then cover two very different ways to work with silk: first, a very free, improvisational piecing technique I call ‘Pieces, Pairs and Panels’ and second, a foundation piecing method that gives stability and ultra-precise results, even with the lightest weight silks.

Working with your stash, you’ll construct elements in these two techniques that can be combined into a small, pillow-sized finished piece.


Learn more about Julia 

Workshop Fee: $48

Registration: Online at or contact Kathrin Brown

Kathrin Brown, Programs

General Meeting and Lecture

Monday, April 3rd 7:00 pm.  In-person

Dora Cary

My Quilting Journey

General Meeting and Lecture

Monday, May 1st  7:00 pm.  In-person


Dyeing to Tell You

This talk has valuable information for painters, "dye-shy" stitchers and experienced dyers. Topics covered include:

  • Which dyes work best, and which to avoid

  • How to use dyes safely

  • How to dye in your washing machine

  • How to mix colors brilliantly

  • How to approach creativity, two methods

  • Where color trends come from

  • How dyes have changed our lives

  • This talk also touches on sex, drugs and good books

General Meeting and Lecture

January 9, 2023 - 6:30 PM  — ZOOM

Fun & Games in Quilting


It's game on for this playful twist on quilting! Join Mel Beach  as she shares her nine favorite ways to incorporate fun and games into her quilting including rolling the dice to explore new design possibilities, playing card inspiration, and of course everything is awesome when Lego bricks are involved! She will share insights into the games she plays and their fun results. She will inspire you to develop a game plan for adding some creative play into your day!