Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild meets on the First Monday of the month (with a few holiday exceptions). The meetings start at 6:30pm and include a special presentation with an invited speaker. Our speakers are nationally and internationally known quilters. There is a guest fee of $5 for meetings with speakers.  All members will receive a Zoom link the day of the meeting.


9:30am - 3:30pm

David Sirota

Storm at Sea in 2 or 3 Colors - No More Tears Paper Piecing


If you are an experienced paper piecer or new, this class will teach you David Sirota’s method "No More Tears Paper Piecing”© . It is easy to understand and takes half the time of the old way of paper piecing.

His goal is to take the anxiety out of paper piecing and replace it with the joy of the process.  Paper piecing is now fun, easy and quick.

Don't believe me?  Take the class and find out for yourself.

Class Description and Supply List


Cost: $42 for members (non-members contact program chair to enroll after January 3, 2022).  

December 6, 2021- via ZOOM

Winter Social and Member Holiday Party

Julie Silber presents “Keepin’ ‘em in Stitches: America’s Funniest Quilts”


Women have always expressed their whole selves in quilts: their love; losses; accomplishments; joys; and sorrows…. and their humor! Enjoy 25 minutes of some very funny 19th and 20th century quilts that will have you smiling and LOL. Laugh and learn along with Julie.

January 3, 2022- Zoom Lecture 6:30pm

David Sirota

Quilt While You Are Ahead


It all started because I needed kitchen curtains and decided to make them myself. But that’s a whole other story.


I have been quilting since the late 90’s (that’s1990’s) after my friend Amy Fitzpatrick taught me the basics of quilting. And I thank “Simply Quilts” for all of the information and instruction that Alex Anderson and her guests provided. It felt like I was going to quilting school, and I tried not to miss a class. 


There was one technique that I was immediately drawn to, and that was paper piecing. I thought it was so cool because of the intricate and accurate results you get. The only drawback was that it was really difficult to wrap my brain around, kinda like upside down and backwards. If you’ve ever tried it, you know what I mean. But once I got it, the results were quite exciting. Except, there were a couple of huge drawbacks…how to orient the next piece of fabric, and removing the paper. Regardless of the kind of paper I used, it still had to be removed at the end, which took as long or longer than the construction of the quilt! 


So, I started thinking about how to make paper piecing simpler and faster. And I’m proud to say that in 2004, I figured it out. My "Sirota No More Tears Paper Piecing”© method is easier to understand and takes half the time of the old way of paper piecing.


My goal was to take the anxiety out of paper piecing and replace it with the joy of the process. Paper piecing is now fun, easy and quick.

February 7, 2022 - Zoom Lecture

Sheila Frampton-Cooper

Spontaneous Creation and Inspiration


When award-winning artist Sheila Frampton Cooper creates, she revels in the spontaneous. Her free-form process with its surprising twists and turns inevitably delivers her to a place of unfiltered originality where her bold work unapologetically commands attention. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Sheila showed a strong-willed, artistic temperament from an early age and has been creating art since her earliest memories. When she was 19 she lived in Italy, France and Belgium, and upon her return, embarked with a vengeance down her creative path. Several years later as a single mom working hard to provide for her two young sons, she painted in the evenings as a creative outlet. One night as she was working, she looked at the painting and thought, “I don't like this,” so she dipped the brush in paint and started throwing it around in a frenzy. Then something magical happened—there was a whole scene on the canvas that just flowed out. That moment profoundly changed her.

From years of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to jewelry-making and architectural photography, it has been a surprising leap to her current passion of studio art quilts. Her greatest affinity lies with improvisational piecing, as well as painting with thickened dyes and various aspects of surface design. Whether its a butterfly on her windowsill, a bird in her garden or the colors of a tropical fish, Sheila finds inspiration in the natural world as well as the bustling metropolis. This duality manifests itself in her work through bold, graphic designs juxtaposed with more quiet and flowing, amorphous creations.

March 5 & 12, 2022- WORKSHOP via ZOOM

9:30am - 12:30pm

Sheila Frampton-Cooper

Lines & Curves - all levels

Students will combine thick and thin lines with curved pieces and assemble the quilt top in rows. There are infinite possibilities. Sheila will demonstrate construction techniques for sewing curved seams and discuss some of the challenges you may run into with spontaneous design and piecing.

Class Description and Supply List


Cost: $48 for members (registration opens November 2)

March 7, 2022 - In Person if possible

Deborah Fell

The Thread that Runs Through It

This lecture focuses on stories of hope that have inspired Deborah Fell’s work over the past thirty years.

April 4, 2022 - In Person if possible

Roderick Kiracofe

Unconventional & Unexpected

 The quilts that were made in the last half of the 20th century are often forgotten in the discussion of quilting history. It was assumed quilt making had disappeared by the 1950s, but this collection proves that notion wrong. My hope is that the quilts in Unconventional & Unexpected will disrupt our preconceived ideas about what quilts look like and how they are used.