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Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild

Possibly the oldest UFO!
Viewer's Choice Winners!

Join us at the PIQF Quilt Conventions for a celebration of quilting and a chance to connect with fellow quilting enthusiasts. At Monterey Peninsula Quilters, we believe that quilting is for everyone and should be a source of inspiration and creativity. Don't be intimidated by the artistry on display; we welcome quilters of all levels to come and share in the joy of the craft.

Our Pines & Needles Newsletter arrives via email by the 25th of the prior month.  Pines & Needles includes information about meetings, workshops, the latest guild news, reports from board members, and a calendar of other quilt-related events.

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About Us

The purposes of the MPQG are to preserve the heritage of the beauty, diligence and love embodied in those quilts that have been handed down to us; to acknowledge and encourage a concern for the excellence of design and craftsmanship as we perpetuate this American Folk Art; to become a source of information, education, and inspiration; to further the personal rewards of companionship among quilters sharing a common interest. 

Arabesque Pattern by Dora Cary 

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