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UFO Resolutions

What were your quilting resolutions this year? You probably hoped to (1) organize your stash, (2) finish your UFOs, and (3) clean up your sewing space once and for all. Of course, one way to eliminate clutter and organize your stash is to list your UFOs (Un Finished Objects), your WIGS (Works In Grocery Sacks), your WISPs (Works In Slow Progress), or whatever else you want to call them. You will be surprised how just listing these projects can motivate you!

Make a list of your UFOs, keep a copy for yourself and give a copy* to me. Then, get to work! When you finish your project, check it off in our UFO notebook and put your name in the jar for a quarterly prize drawing. Next, share your quilt with the guild during show and tell. How easy is that? You can list neo-natal quilts, dialysis quilts, entries in the Quilt Show, Challenge quilts, class projects, quilts for the small quilt auction, the list is endless! It’s a fun way to finish some projects and share them with your friends in the guild.

2018 UFO Challenge

Did you know the average quilter has 16 UFOs? There are many obstacles that interfere with our efforts to finish our quilt projects. We get bored. We set aside a project to participate in a new challenge or charity project. We question our fabric or color choices. Often, the demands of life limit the amount of time available for quilting. Unfortunately, those unfinished projects take up a lot of space in our homes. More importantly, they take up a lot of space in our thoughts. They can effect our concentration and cause distractions. Regardless of how hard we try to ignore them. Finishing our UFOs is important in many ways. By finishing our UFOs, we learn to overcome our quilting problems, build quilting confidence and develop creativity. Let’s be honest. Our UFOs usually look much better than we expected. We discover that are choices and skills are much better than we thought.

We are fortunate that MPQG sponsors a generous UFO program. Let’s resolve to participate and see what we can accomplish. Let’s make a goal to establish a new “quilting personal best”. To get started, make a list of the UFOs you plan to finish this year. Register your list at the UFO Center at our guild meeting. When you complete a UFO, bring it to a guild meeting to be recorded and presented at Show and Tell. Recording your UFOs makes sure you get entered into the prize drawings. The challenge ends in November. In December, there will be three gift certificates from Back Porch Fabrics awarded to 3 participants.

If you have questions or concerns, I will gladly assist you along the way. Official rules and registration forms are available at the MPQG UFO Center at general meetings.

*or, send your UFO list to:
Donna Appleget
PO Box 1025
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Donna Appleget, UFOs
email, 831-324-4316

Registration Form