Quilt Show Committees

Here's the 2013 organization chart for the quilt show committees.  The response has been tremendous -- Thank you to all.  Great news - the last open committee chair position of Parade has been filled.

Susan Riddoch, Quilt Show Chair
email, 831-449-6315


2013 Quilts By The Bay

Chair, Susan Riddoch email, 831-449-6315
Show Designers,
Janyce Anderson
Martha Martin
email, 831-659-3505
email, 831-206-2293
Finances, Jeanne Krener email, 831-402-1452
Venue, Set Up and Take Down
Venue Coordinator, Genie Santini email, 831-649-1399 
Transportation, Margaret Nava email, 831-372-6282
Hanging and Dismantling,
Noreen Nance
Janet Taillon
Shadow, Holly Casey
email, 831-915-3441
email, 831-642-9490
email, 831-385-3374
Hanging and Dismantling Challenge Quilts, Joan Hughes email, 831-373-0843
Display - Community Outreach,
Terann Carr
email, 831-375-7881
Signs, Claudia Gano email, 831-659-0650
Security, Rita Jacques  email, 831-484-1467
Publicity - Media, Fatima Dias email, 831-649-1911
Pines & Needles Newsletter, Patty Stuart email, 831-758-8834
Program, Cheryl Smith email, 831-594-9215
Web Site www.mpqg.org, Claudia Sammis email, 831-333-9133
Fund Raising 
Allison Barrett
Rita Remenap-Keith
email, 831-625-9611
email, 831-626-0636
Boutique, June Cornell email, 831-757-1390
Mini Quilt Raffle, Tina Magill email, 831-649-1987
Raffle Quilt, Sharon Coniglio email, 831-624-3429
DIY Garage Sale, Terann Carr email, 831-375-7881
PayPal Volunteer, Colleen Johnson  email, 831-899-4810
Judging, Entries, and Database
Judging, Entries Coordinator, Gloria Hatton email, 831-649-3562 
Entries/Preview, Colleen Johnson email, 831-899-4810
Database, Sharon Winter email, 831-647-8769
Helen Egerton
Joan Hughes
Yo Matsuda
email, 831-649-1680
email, 831-373-0843
email, 831-372-5785
Quilt Reception and Return,
Cindy Brown
Carole Olsen
email, 831-710-1751
email, 831-372-9289
White Glove, Marjorie Longo email, 831-624-8649
Viewers’ Choice,
Elizabeth Hull
Rosemary Houser, Counting
Margaret Nava, Awards
email, 831-920-1403
email, 831-372-6282
Parade, Steve Clizbe email, 831-443-1259
Preview Party, Regina Liske email, 831-333-9302
Volunteer Coordinator, Dee Davis email, 831-372-6454