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Nature Through Quilters’ Eyes
at Pacific Grove Natural History Museum


NOTE: The exhibit has been extended to Sunday, April 16

Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild fiber art is paired with Pacific Grove Natural History Museum exhibits. Opening reception is Saturday January 14, 5 to 7 p.m. - Free. Exhibit runs through the end of March. Daily 10 to 5 p.m. Closed Mondays. For information go to

Pacific Grove Natural History Museum
165 Forest Ave at Central
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

0011 Exhibit Sands of the World

Exhibit 0011 Sands of the World
by Claudia Sammis
Left: Nautilus by Elizabeth Hull


Tina Magill Feather

Above: Feather by Tina Magill


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President's Message for March

Stormy Weather

Dedicated Quilters don’t regard quilting as an optional hobby, but as part of their lives. They, like quilters throughout history, quilt during good times and bad. Their quilting is both a means of expressing themselves creatively, and also of expressing what is going on in their lives and how they are dealing with it, says Karey Bresenhan, president of Quilts, Inc., and Director Emeritus of its shows, International Quilt Festival, in the report Quilting in America 2014 Survey.

So true. During these stormy winter months, when so many face flooding and mudslides and snarled commutes, many of us turn to quilting for solace. As I write, another storm is drenching the central coast, trees are down and some have lost power. Hand-quilting by lantern light helps pass the time and I think about those who live without power and running water in rural areas in the world, and the beauty they create with cloth and thread and little else.

We’ll see beautiful examples of handwork in our upcoming Quilt Show, as well as stunning machine piecing and quilting. If you’d like to help with the myriad aspects of putting on a three-day show with nearly 200 quilts, the next Quilt Show committee meeting is on Saturday, March 11th at 3:30 in the Monterey Public Library.

As part of our show, we always have a Garage sale. I’m going through all of my fabric, refolding and sorting and labeling those I probably won’t use per the Garage Sale guidelines ( on our website. This year, I’m determined to lighten my stash. With so many new quilt fabrics coming out each season, it’s time to make room. And to help the guild raise operating funds.

We’re excited to hear from award-winning quilter David Taylor during our next program on March 6th. He’s teaching at Empty Spools Seminars during the first and second sessions and we’re grateful to have an evening with him. Can’t wait. See you soon!

Nora Deans, President, 831-760-9800


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Presidents Message for April 2017

Spring Green

Everywhere I look during these calm moments between storms, I see vibrant shades of green blanketing the coast in color. I’ve discovered that my quilt color choices change seasonally with the light, yet another rationale for a burgeoning stash, don’t you think?!

With spring also comes Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days and our annual quilt show, Quilts by the Bay, April 7-9th. As the excitement grows, so do the lists of volunteers and tasks. This year we’re hosting an Awards Party on Friday evening after our first full day of the show. If you haven’t yet

picked up your tickets, your last chance will be at our meeting on Monday, April 3rd, or reach out to Linda Philips. We won’t be selling tickets at the door. And one lucky winner will take home Sunny Side Up, our beautiful raffle quilt that’s drawn rave reviews from other guilds and quilters at Empty Spools Seminars!

Have you seen the lovely small quilt exhibit at the Monterey Public Library promoting the art of quilting and our quilt show? Thank you, Claudia Sammis, and Tina Magill! And we’re so grateful to Maia Liddle for the handsome quilt show posters, and Kathrin Brown for the bookmarks. I’m see- ing our posters all over town, are you? If not, Maia has more.!

At our April Guild meeting, we’ll also be returning 25 quilts from the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum exhibit to those who also entered them into our Guild’s quilt show. The rest will remain on exhibit through April, and will be returned at our May 1st meeting. Thirty-eight quilts, including a few “alternates” that will replace those leaving, will continue to delight Museum visitors and increase awareness of this folk art and our Guild.!

We’re excited to hear from Sujata Shah during our next program on Monday, April 3rd. Gwen Marston gave us her name and we’re looking forward to seeing her beautiful work. Can’t wait. See you soon!

Cheers, Nora

Nora Deans, President, 831-760-9800


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Touch of Red, 2017 Guild Challenge

2017 Challenge Quilt

This year, the Challenge Committee hopes all of our quilters (traditional, modern, art, and everyone in between) will participate in our challenge. So ... we're leaving most of the choices up to you and your imagination. We only have two criteria: (1) size, and (2) must include Kona brand RED on the front.

  • Theme: A Touch of Red
  • Subject: Your choice.
  • Size: 18” x 18”
  • Fabric: Your choice (from your stash) plus the Kona brand Red on the front. At no charge, we will give a small cut of Red fabric to each Guild member who accepts the Challenge. (The Red is Kona 1480 Chinese Red, by Robert Kaufman, in case you want more.) Note: Additional Kona 1480 fabric is available at Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove.
  • Due date: August 7th Guild meeting.
  • Exhibits: Quilts will be displayed at the August Guild meeting, the 2017 Monterey County Fair, and at the April 2018 MPQG show where they may be judged if you chose.
  • Quilt Construction: Your quilt should have three layers. You can use any method and any embellishments. It must include a 4" hanging sleeve. It also must have a label on the back with your name, the quilt’s name, and 2017 Quilt Challenge.

Please let us know that you are planning to participate in our Touch of Red Challenge by emailing or calling Linda Branting at or 650-703-0531. We will send email blasts from time to time as reminders of due dates.

For questions, please email or call:

Challenge Quilt Committee promoting


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Stash Bust Your Blues

This is a 1/4 log cabin block. The secret of its success is alternating the blue values and in adding a spot of color in one of the strips. It's time to dig into your stack of blues and part with a bit of it. For directions, go to: Feeling the Blues Block of the Month

Block of the Month Feeling the Blues


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Organized Quilt Books in Bookcase

Organize Your Book Chaos

Of course, I'm assuming that your bookcase is in the same disarray that mine had slipped into over the years. Do you organize your books by ... alpha by author? topic? alpha by Title? Or, just fling them onto a shelf and hope for the best? Over the years, I had organized my quilting books by author but that didn't mean I could ever find anything since I couldn't remember the author's name.

After a particularly frustrating hunt for books containing star blocks, I decided it was time to find a computer database that would allow me to search for anything and find it/them in a FLASH.

What to look for?
  • user friendly, in color with a photo (as opposed to the old dbase appearance - anyone old enough to remember dbase?);
  • able to scan the ISBN number and have it automatically pull in the associated info to save typing it in;
  • user could set the search criteria; and
  • available as a mobile app for the smart phone so that I can check to see if I already own a book before I purchase a second one by mistake.

An online Google search plus a trip to the online App Store quickly turned up an assortment of database possibilities when using the term "book inventory." The search provided several good options that were especially for books and worth exploring, plus a few bad ones that didn't warrant a second look. I also read the consumer reviews for each to learn more from real world users. In all, I purchased five apps before I found the winner: CLZ Books.. Other systems tried were Book Buddy+, Bibliophilia, and LibraryThing. The fifth system locked up immediately (just as one of the reviews had indicated) and, unfortunately, I deleted it before jotting down its name.

The Mechanics

First, using your Smart Phone, go to, purchase CLZ Books mobile app for either Apple or Android for $14.99 or check out their free trial.

Prepare your books for scanning with your Smart Phone camera - Most books have a bar code on the back. Unfortunately, many of the bar codes are covered with the fabric store's price label. If some length of the bar code is visible, it will probably scan just fine. Otherwise, the price sticker can be removed with a straight razor blade. Purge Alert: No sense scanning a book that you'll never use again. Start a box of books to take to the DYI Garage Sale at the Quilt Show.

Getting Started
  • Touch the "+" symbol to add a book.
  • Choose ISBN, or Manual. Follow the instructions. Tip: Pencil icon allows editing.
  • Don't forget to ADD.
Defining the Search Criteria

This is ACTUALLY fun because it gives you a chance to revisit your gorgeous quilting books for a purpose. I did this over 26 evenings of mostly mindless television ... one evening for each letter of the alphabet. The search categories that the ISBN number pulls in are too general (quilt, craft, etc.) to be of any real use to a dedicated quilter. You can delete most of them and add your own. For instance: appliqué, star block, hexagon, art quilt, landscape, design, traditional, etc. Whatever search words you choose, just make sure that you type them in the same each time.

Organize by Book Title: When reshelving, organize by alpha title simply because that font size is larger and easier to find and read on the book spine than is the author's name.

Timeline - It took most of a day to scan an entire book case and that included label scrapping and hand entry of those books without an ISBN number. Plus 26 evenings to enter the search criteria.

Now that you can find all your books, you will be so re-inspired in a big way. Remember how excited you were when you first bought that book and your plans to try new things? Now's your chance to finally give it a try.

Claudia Sammis, Web Manager, 408-219-5758


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Photo of quilt display at Monterey Public Library

I Spy
for Quilters and Kids
Monterey Public Library

February 26 to April 23

Wow! Do we have a diverse lot of quilt artists to attract the attention of the Monterey Library customers. Traditional - Primative - Tech - Modern - Art - Contemporary.

Again this year, the kind librarians gave us free rein to decorate the locked display window at the Pacific Avenue entry with all styles of fiber arts to promote our 2017 Quilt Show and, hopefully, convert a few folks to our passion for quilting.

Many Thanks to ...

Tina Magill, Shirley Steele, Sally Miller, Janyce Anderson and Elizabeth Hull for their generous loan of quilts, quilted tea cozies, and even a teapot. Thanks to Maia Liddle for her graphic skills in creating the gorgeous posters. Kudos to designer Tina Magill for her expert collage-style placement of each element.

Stop by the Monterey Public Library, 625 Pacific Street in Monterey and play I Spy at our exhibit. For Library hours, go to

Claudia Sammis, Web Manager, 408-219-5758


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Friendship Group Energy

Above: Actual photo of a friendship group.


If you are a new member wanting to meet other quilters, or you have been around the MPQG quilting scene for a while, Friendship Groups are a wonderful way to explore quilting with others in a small group atmosphere. There are daytime groups, nighttime groups, groups that dine, groups that sew, groups that discuss, groups that create, special interest groups, and groups that do multiple things. Some meet in homes, some in churches, some in recreation centers. From Salinas to Monterey to Carmel and Carmel Valley, there is likely a group that will work for you or we can try to create a new one. Friendship Groups are a great way to get inspired.

Refer elsewhere on this website for current information on all groups or contact me. Most groups are not full and welcome both visitors and new members.

Marjorie Longo, Friendship Group Coordinator, 831-624-8649


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March Membership News

Welcome new member Carole Rossi of Aptos and welcome back Narda Smith of Hollister.

Our April Quilt Show is a great occasion to acquaint your friends will all we do. Spread the word and invite them to our show and to our Friday night Awards Party to meet your impressively talented quilting pals.

Linda Branting, Membership, 650-703-0531

Right: Photo is courtesy of Tim Latimer at

Welcome New Members March 2017



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Thank you for soberonous quilts

Thanks from Soberanes Fire Families

Dear MPQG Members: My 2 children are proud recipients of your quilt donations to Palo Colorado kids post Soberanes fire support. I just wanted to thank you personally for your thoughtfulness!!! LA

... and another ...

Dear MPQG Members: I wanted to thank you for the most beautiful quilt you made for my child; a gift to the children of Big Sur who were affected by the Soberanes Fire. We are one of the lucky families to not have lost our home. Our daughter treasures her aqua colored quilt and uses it every night. I am also personally touched by this gift as my aunt was a quilter, as is my mom and dad. I appreciate the work and skill that has gone into it. Love, BL

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881


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Board Projects for March

March Board Responsibilities

  • Meeting: Lecture - Program
  • Call for volunteers for Quilt Show staffing - Quilt Show
  • Members return completed Raffle Quilt blocks - Activities
  • Preview Quilt Show entries and design Quilt Show - Quilt Show
  • Quilt Show committee members meeting - Quilt Show
  • Updates and announcements to Communications the 10th of month - All, Communications
  • Board meeting on Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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Board Projects for April


  • Meeting: Lecture - Program
  • Quilt Show held during Good Old Days Celebration, April 7, 8 & 9 - Quilt Show
  • Choose the winning ticket of the Raffle Quilt - Community Outreach
  • Take down Monterey Library display April 23 - Community Outreach
  • Call for Challenge Quilt designs - Activities
  • Assemble next Raffle Quilt and submit bid for quilting to the Board for approval - Activities
  • Updates and announcements to Communications the 10th of month - All, Communications


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What Password?

Good News! After a stutterie start with more complicated passwords, the company that did the set-up has relaxed their rules.

If you would like access to the members only areas which include the ABOUT > Member Directory, and > Financials, you'll need to spend 5 seconds dealing with the "sign in" feature. Here's how it works when you see the sign in screen. ABOUT > Pines & Needles Newsletters no longer requires a password.Just enter:

Username: your email
Password: quilt
(note the lower case "q")

BTW - "quilt" will NOT be expiring next year as originally reported.

Optional: if you want to switch over to a less generic password, consider:

  • at least 8 characters -- the longer the better
  • at least one alpha
  • at least one capitalized alpha
  • at least one numeric
  • at least one non alphanumeric character

My suggestion is that you use your favorite password that meets the above criteria. For instance, it might look like this: ccs123CCS%. That would be easy for me to remember since those are my initials, and it has a nice rhythm to it. NOW, (1) write down your new password on that sheet of paper you keep next to your computer, and (2) send me an email with your new password and I'll enter it into the system. No one in the guild can see your password except for me ... very briefly. As soon as I enter "Save" it disappears.

A word about the user name. If you have a favorite user name other than your email address, you may change that also.

Thanks to those who've already sent in their longer, "dressed-up" passwords (and suffered through some initial problems).

Claudia Sammis, Web Manager, 408-219-5758

Update to Website Password Issue


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Thank You from the Christ Child Society

Just a note to you to share with the others at the Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild. A heart-felt thanks for your donation of five beautiful quilts to the Christ Child Society of Monterey Bay’s “Shower of Love” event on December 3, 2016. The event was a great success and thanks to you, and others who participated, we were able to pack 25 baby welcome kits (with the assistance of Santa Catalina High School students) and deliver them to the Aspirantet Cherish Receiving Center in mid-December. Aspirantet has already given 9 of 25 bundles (which contains a handmade quilt or blanket, a hand knit cap, all manner of baby essentials and book) to infants in our area who were born into foster care.

The homemade quilts are one of the few items that will extend beyond the first 6-9 months, and we are told they are especially important as a consistent crawl space for the babies who move around a lot, through no fault of their own. So, thanks again, and I hope we can work together in the future to make a positive impact in our community.

Anne Kelley
Founding member of the Christ Child Society of Monterey Bay, and past president of NCCS

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A Quick Guide
Charity Quilt Sizes

Charity Quilt Sizes

I’ve been asked to do a quick review of the quilt sizes we collect, and where they are sent.

  • NICU - For the NICUs the basic size is 20” X 24”, this fits in the layette. Note that the majority of babies in the NICU unit are boys. If the quilt is a little larger, it is OK. If the top and backing are flannel, there is no need for batting. If there is regular quilting cotton on the top, and it is backed with flannel or has top and backing of cotton, add a light batting. These quilts can be either quilted of tied. If quilted, please use minimal quilting so the blanket will remain supple enough to wrap around a tiny baby. The average size of a baby in the NICUs is only 12“ long, like a doll.
  • NICU NEW SIZE - A new size being donated to the NICUs is a 45” square format. These are used to cover the incubators, shielding the baby from the light. These should have batting, and a dark colored fabric in the top or on the back to help block light.
  • Voices for Children/CASA serves children of all ages, even teen-agers. Sizes vary depending on the age your quilt is appropriate for. Toddler quilts can be a bit smaller, say 36” X 45”. This is also a good size for babies, as we add the Christ Child Society to our roster of recipients.
  • Older CASA children can receive larger sizes. 41” X 60” is a general size for teens. This size is fine for dialysis too, keeping in mind that some adults would need something larger, because they cover up almost completely with their quilts.
  • Veterans - Bed sized quilts are given to the VTC (Veterans Transition Center) because their clients live in refurbished Ft. Ord housing. Their beds are usually twin sized.

Every quilt finds a home and is appreciated. These are just general guidelines, enjoy being creative, and think about the person or child who will be receiving your handiwork. THANK YOU.

This is from Margaret Blume at US Renal Care:

Dear MPQG, I really enjoyed the festivities on Monday evening and was delighted to take home such a beautiful basket! Now, I will have to re-ignite my rusty sewing skills and try to produce an actual quilt! A project for 2017. Please know how much we appreciate all the hard work and time that is put into the blankets. They are so beautiful! We are forever grateful for your ongoing donations. Please give June Cornell a special thank you for all her work in organizing such a wonderful event.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881


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Quilt Show News . . . Quilts By The Bay

Quilt-covered Fiat

Join the Parade on April 8

Again this year, we'll hold our Quilt Show banner and follow the quilt-wrapped Fiat (still looking for a car BTW) in the Good Old Days celebration. Bring your kids, husband, mom, dad, and dog. The line up starts at 9:15 a.m. at Pine and Elder above George Washington Park.

Rita Jacques, Chair, 360-561-6296


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Garage Sale Prep

On Thursday, March 30, please join Cut-ups to prepare fabrics for the garage sale.

St. Dunstan's Church
28005 Robinson Canyon Rd
Carmel Valley (Mid-Valley - next to Carmel Valley Ranch)

You may bring additional fabrics that you want to donate, or help roll and prep the fabric donated by others.

Time: 12noon - 4pm


  • Tape Measure or Yard Stick
  • Blue Tape (good time to use the tape that doesn't stick to your fabric when you pin baste)
  • Sharpie
  • Snacks or chocolates to share if you want

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Liz Rondelle, Garage Sale, 831-620-2512


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Quilt Show Update from the Designer

MPQG Show Designer Update

(Yes, two hats for me this month!)
160 Quilts from 160 Members

Long-time members: Are you quite sure you can easily recognize the work of your quilting pals? Prepare to be surprised at our Quilt Show! Hint: New directions coming!

And wait until you see the super work of some of our newest members! Catherine McGovern, Carol Silveira, and Narda Smith have all entered quilts in our Guild Show -- what a great way for us to become better acquainted with the skills they bring to MPQG.

Plan now to attend our Friday night Guild Show celebration. Invite your family and friends to meet your fellow quilters as we gather to congratulate each other on our accomplishments and celebrate another wonderful year of membership in our very special community.

Linda Branting, Membership Chair, 650-703-0531


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Quilt Show Update Committee Members

March Quilt Show Update

The plans for the Quilt Show 2017 are well underway. All Committee Chair positions have been filled with the exception of the Parade on Saturday to kick off Good Old Days.

Most of our Committee Chairs have been in their positions for several years and are looking for members they can train this year to step into the positions next year. It surely makes the transition much easier when you have a willing mentor.

For the Committee contact information, go to the ABOUT US dropdown tab above and select MEMBER DIRECTORY. Sign in using your email address and password.

Rita Jacques, Quilt Show Chair

Name Committee/Coordinator
  • Phyllis Martin, Admissions
  • June Cornell, Boutique
  • Terann Carr and Liz Rondelle, Garage Sale
  • Jeanne Krener, Finance
  • Maia Liddle, Publicity
  • Patricia Brown, Hanging & Dismantling
  • Rita Jacques, Chair
  • Gloria Hatton, Judging, Quilt & Data Entry Coordinator
  • Sharon Winter, Data Entry
  • Debbie Biller and Joan Hughes, Judging
  • Donna Foote, Mini Quilt Raffle
  • Vacant, Parade
  • Linda Phillips, Awards Party
  • Dru Hammond, Programs
  • Cindy Brown and Carole Olsen, Quilt Reception & Return
  • Linda Branting and Carole Olsen, Show Designer
  • Janyce Anderson, Viewers’ Choice Awards
  • Patty Kennedy, Security
  • June Wolfe, Signs
  • Kathrin Brown, Transportation/Co-Chair
  • Dee Davis, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Marjorie Longo, White Gloves


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Quilt Show Awards Party

MPQG Awards Party

The 2017 Quilt Show Awards Party will be held at Chautauqua Hall on Friday, April 7 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Members and guests are invited. The $10:00 ticket price will include admission, champagne, other beverages, and finger foods. The party will provide a time for attendees to view all of the Quilt Show Entries at leisure and to celebrate those judged quilts which received awards.

Tickets will be sold in advance at the March and April Guild Meetings. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door the day of the party.

A total of eight volunteers will be needed to help with set-up, clean-up, and provide service at the food and beverage tables. Party Volunteers will not be required to purchase a ticket. Dee Davis will have the Awards Party Volunteer sign-up sheet at the March and April Guild Meetings. Questions? Please contact me.

Linda Phillips, Awards Party Chair, 831-625-2981


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Boutique at the Show

If you are interested in participating in the Boutique for the 2017 Quilt Show, please contact June Cornell for details. There is plenty of space. We again get to use the yoga room.

June Cornell, Boutique Manager


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Garage Sales News

Ladies! It’s time to get started on Garage Sale preparations! Avoid the hassle and last minute rush and begin now to sort through your stash. Guidelines are available here, and will be at the February meeting. Remember, anything sewing and quilting related is acceptable ... books and magazines, tools, notions, and fabric.

Liz Rondelle, Garage Sale, 831-601-0330

Terann Carr, Garage Sale, 831-375-7881




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Quilt Show February 10 Update


It's going to be a fantastic quilt show! We have accepted 160 entries with 68 of those to be judged.

The entry information is now in the process of being entered into the data base by Sharon Winter. She will pass the photos and information to the designers, Linda Branting and Phyllis Martin, who will decide where to place your beautiful quilts.

Expect to receive your acceptance letter after March 14. If you have NOT received it by March 21, please contact Sharon Winter at or 831-647-8769.

Open your letter immediately upon receipt and correct any errors you may find by contacting Sharon Winter. The letter will also include instructions that you need to follow, and a paper label to be SEWN to the back of the quilt before turning it in. It will also tell you that you need a sleeve or tabs on your quilt.

If you notice any changes in categories, it is because the committee made the changes to place your quilt in the best area for judging, or there were errors or omissions. Every effort was made to contact those whose quilts were in need of a category change.

The quilt turn-in date is Thursday, April 6 at Chautauqua Hall from 7:30-11:00 AM. The deadline for judged quilts is 8:30 AM. If, for any reason, you know that you will not be able to complete your quilt in time for the show, contact Linda Branting at, 650-703-0531, or Phyllis Martin,, 831-574-3089 as soon as possible. Do not wait until the day before the show, please.

Happy Quilting!

Gloria Hatton, Entry and Judging Coordinator, 831-649-3562


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Minis for the Show

If you have an orphan block or want to try new a technique or machine quilting, make it into a mini for the raffle at the show. Minis DO NOT need a 4” sleeve. I will collect them at the April meeting.

Donna Foote, Mini Quilt Raffle, (530) 277-2166


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Volunteers Needed

Calling All Members

And ... Everyone who has submitted quilts to the Show. For those of you who have submitted quilts to the April 2017 show, please remember that one of the obligations incurred is four (4) hours of volunteering at the show. For ALL Guild members, please remember that to get in free to the show, you must volunteer for four (4) hours, or two time slots on the signup forms. Since we have added a third day, WE REALLY NEED all of your hands and willing

Dee Davis, Volunteers, 831-521-6506


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Other Quilting News


Patsy Carpenter, Session III
Becky Goldsmith, Session III
Louisa L. Smith (new photo), Session III
Sandra Leichner, Session IV
Laura Fraga, Session V
Pam Holland, Session V
Josephine Keasler, Session V
Laura Schwarz Smith

It's so great to have Empty Spools Seminars in our own backyard in Pacific Grove. The best part is that it's here and it's now. You still have time to catch a workshop in Sessions III, IV, and V. You'd better move especially fast if you want to catch Session III, March 19 to 24. Session IV is April 21 to 26 and Session IV is April 26 to May 1. To learn more about the workshops show above, go to: What are you waiting for? It's time to treat yourself to a very special experience!

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BFFs Quilting Journey

Quilts by best friends,
Deb Albright and Kathy Sandling
February 5 to March 28



Reception for the artists is Wednesday, March 1, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. In the Gallery at Back Porch Fabrics, 157 Grand Avenue at Central, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. For information: 831-375-4453.


Kathy Sandling Quilt

Deb Albright's Quilt


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On The Fringe

Art Quilts in Pleasanton

Innovative Art Quilts from California and Nevada, presented by Artists in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA).

Exhibition Dates: March 9 – April 15, 2017
Reception: March 11, 2017 1:00 – 3:00pm
Sandra Sider (juror) will speak at 2:00pm
Harrington Art Gallery, 4444 Railroad Avenue, Pleasanton, CA

This is a show of 21 stunning art quilts and 5 exceptional fiber sculptures, which demonstrate the use of diverse materials and techniques to transform cloth into original works of art. The show opened at the Texas Quilt Museum in 2016. This is the first California Showing.

Hours: Wednesday – Friday 12:00 – 5:00pm, Saturday 11:00 – 3:00pm, Closed Sunday to Tuesday Suggested donation: $5


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Copyright symbol. Are Your Quilts Yours to sell?

Did you know that you must have written permission from the copyright holder in order to sell a quilt made from a copyrighted pattern?

Most quilt patterns, whether published individually, in a book or magazine, or in electronic format are protected by copyright. Only the copyright holder may profit from that pattern, or its derivative works, in any way. Check the copyright notice on the pattern; some explicitly grant permission for the sale of a quilt. If not, write and ask for permission. Many quilt designers will gladly grant permission, as one of our members found out last year. When in doubt, either contact the copyright owner for written permission, or do not offer the quilt for sale.

We need to respect the legal rights of designers. So whether or not you offer your quilt for sale, please be sure to credit the design source on your quilt label and entry forms


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New Shows Open at the Quilt Museum

Weaving: Port Defiance Steps

Point Defiance Steps, Cecilia Blomberg
36" x 50" Cotton Warp Wool and Linen Weft

American Tapestry Biennial

Turner and Gilliland Galleries

January 20 - April 16, 2017

American Tapestry Biennial includes 36 tapestries, featuring artists from eight countries. The works selected for the exhibition high light the variety of artistic expression practiced today in the medium of hand woven tapestry. The pieces range from the subtle, visually complex, and even break new grounds in shape and surface texture. Tapestry's rich history and it's unique ability to render images in the tactile medium of the cloth offer contemporary artists a powerful vehicle for expressing both aesthetic and conceptual concerns.



Cerebral touch: Lia Cook 1980-Now

Finlayson Gallery

January 20 - April 16, 2017

Cerebral Touch: Lia Cook 1980-Now traces Cook's artistic journey from her abstract and dimensional pieces of the 1980s, weaving inspired by Old Masters drapery from the 1990s, exploration of portraiture, and finally work completed weeks before this exhibition opens. Her latest works explore the sensuality of the woven image and the emotional connections to memories of touch and cloth.

Leonard's Quilt

Leonardo's Quilt, Lia Cook
94 x 79 inches, Acrylic on abaca, dyes on rayon; pressed and collaged



Fate Destiny and Self Determination Weaving
Fate Destiny and Self Determination, Line Dufour Tapestry

Line Dufour: Fate Destiny and Self Determination


January 20 - April 16, 2017

Line Dufour's project Fate Destiny and Self Determination is a collaborative tapestry project based in weaving and other fiber art methods propelled by social media. The project is a large web of small weavings that people all over the world have donated. Through her Facebook page, she has received submissions from 230 people from 22 countries, a true collaborative effort. Visitors will have the opportunity to make a small tapestry and contribute a small shape to this project.



Elemental Tapestry: Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Tapestry Weavers West
Porcella Gallery

January 20 - March 5, 2017

For museum information, go to
Embedded Pattern: Three Approaches

Deborah Corsini, Alex Friedman, Michael Rohde
Porcella Gallery

March 8 - April 17, 2017




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Junipero Serra Health Facility for Homeless

As many of you may know, the Franciscan Workers of Junipero Serra run facilities in Salinas for the homeless. Recently, this complex has been expanded to include a health facility. I was fortunate to visit it recently and it is a bright and clean facility. Unfortunately, the walls are completely barren. It occurred to me that it would be much lovelier and inviting if there were quilts decorating the walls.

I spoke with the Director of the facility and she agreed with me. If any of you have wall quilts you would be willing to donate permanently, or temporarily, it would go a long way to make this a more welcoming facility. You can contact me if you want any further information or have quilts you would like to share.

Rita Jacques
email, 360-561-6296



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Veterans Transition Center

We received the following request. If you are interested in participating, please contact Marlene Baker directly.

The Veterans Transition Center in Marina is doing our 4th car show fundraiser in May to raise money to help homeless veterans and veterans with families in our program. I would like to know if the Quilters Guild members would be willing to donate 1 or 2 quilts that we could use in our silent auction and raffle. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. We are a 501 C 3 non-profit organization.

Marlene Baker, 831-883 -8387


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Quilts of Valor Honorees

Above: The South Bay Blue Star Moms Sewing Stars awarded lovingly handmade Quilts of Valor to ten men and women veterans who served the United States in war time. The awards ceremony and reception, the third since the Sewing Stars began in 2012, was held at American Legion Post 564, Santa Clara. Nationally 151,073 quilts have been awarded.

Quilts of Valor Calling for Volunteers

Our Guild has been contacted by a QOVF member/group leader from Placerville. She has been willing to present Quilts of Valor to recipients here in the Monterey Peninsula area on behalf of the state organization, as her dad lives here in Pacific Grove. She would like to find someone in this area who would be interested in establishing a local group. This would involve making quilt tops as well as presentations. If you as an individual would be interested, or would like to form a MPQG Friendship Group with this focus, you can contact her directly. Terry Ogino at 530-417-4720 or

To learn more about the national group, go to Quilts of Valor Foundation.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881



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Gwen Marston Photograph

a common thread

a collection of quilts by Gwen Marston
April 3 - June 27

Always a hit with visitors, Gwen's latest work is featured in the Gallery at Back Porch Fabrics, 157 Grand Avenue at Central, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. For information: 831-375-4453.









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Pantone 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery

Note: This article was taken from the Pantone website (which is why it's a bit "over-the-top".) For more information, go to Pantone .

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. It's a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.

Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This shift is reflected by the proliferation of all things expressive of Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle and design choices globally. A constant on the periphery, Greenery is now being pulled to the forefront - it is an omnipresent hue around the world. A life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.

What is the PANTONE Color of the Year? A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

Greenery Color Swatch





Greenery Color Pairings

Nature’s neutral, PANTONE Greenery is a versatile “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many color combinations. As displayed in the 10 palettes below, Greenery is paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, metallics and even the enduring presence of PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. These palettes easily cross over fashion, beauty, product and graphic design applications.

Many more color pairings are shown at Pantone.

color pairings

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