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President's Message

President's Message - June 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. It was especially meaningful for me because I got to spend it with our daughter Lara who has just recently moved to Monterey after 30 years in Los Angeles. It is a wonderful gift to be able to spend time with her on a regular basis. Perhaps I'll even get her to start quilting!!

Today I spent the morning at Western Stage in Salinas removing the quilt display we had set up for their production of "The Quilters." I want to acknowledge Susan Riddoch, Yo Matsuda, Sharon Winter, Gudny Campbell, Kathrin Brown, Claudia Cole Sammis, Claudia Gano, Anna Mae Gazo, Kathleen Erickson, June Cornell, and Kathy Addington for providing quilts for the display. Most especially I want to thank Susan Riddoch and Claudia Gano for their assistance in gathering the quilts and helping with the set up and tear down of the display.

Summer is just around the corner and soon we will all be focusing our energies on travels and outside activities. It will also provide opportunities to get the creative juices flowing. Take lots of pictures, look at all the beautiful scenery around, and enjoy!!


Rita Jacques, President
email, 360-561-6296


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2019 Guild Challenge

2019 Guild Challenge


Size: 18" by 18" square

Subject: A holiday of your choice! Do you look forward to celebrating a particular holiday? This is your opportunity to celebrate that day with a small festive quilt.

Fabric: Entirely your choice!

Due: August MPQG Meeting—6:30 p.m. Monday, August 5th.

Your quilt must have three layers—top, batter, and back. It may be any style (traditional, modern, art, or a combination) and it may be embellished any way you like. This is wide open and leaves you ample room to create something special!

It must have a 4" sleeve for hanging. The label on the back of your quilt should include:

Your name
Your quilts name
2019 MPQG Challenge
Celebrate [fill in holiday name]

Quilts will be displayed at the August Guild meeting, the 2019 Monterey County Fair, and at the April 2020 MPQG Quilt Show where they may be judged if you choose.

Stop by the Guild Challenge table at the next meeting and pick up a sleeved page about the challenge and due date. They will be available only as long as our initial supply lasts.

Linda Garafalo, Linda Branting, and Mary Kay Hamilton
2019 MPQG Challenge Committee


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UFO Challenge

Stash Buster's Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge - March Update

The Stash Busters Challenge has gotten off to a great start! So far, we have 26 participants. Seven of those quilters have already completed a Tic-Tac-Toe Row and been entered into the April raffle.

It is not too late to join. If you complete a row by the April meeting, you can be entered into the drawing. Just drop by the Stash Busters table for information on the challenge and resource pages for project ideas. I am happy to report that my stash is shrinking after just a few weeks! I hope your stash is shrinking, too! 

Donna Appleget,, (831) 324-4316
Linda Stoner,, (831) 333-9663


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Charity Quilt News

CQFG Sew-In: February 2019

Time for our February stuffing party! Yes, there is still plenty of fiber fill in my basement. We will do up as many heart pillows as possible to give out as special valentines for breast cancer patients around the Monterey Peninsula. These have been a valuable help supporting the shoulder on the side of the surgery. Mark Friday, February 15th at 9:30 a.m. on your calendar and come out to my house near Laguna Seca. Call for directions if you are new to our happy group. And don't forget to bring a lunch.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831-375-7881


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The Language of Love - "Charity" or "Comfort" Quilt

Isn’t language an interesting thing? Words describe things, communicate information and even emotion. Take the word “charity” for instance. The dictionary uses words to bring out the meaning of charity with other words like generosity, kindness, even forgiveness. The word charity in the King James Bible is translated “love” in all modern versions. So why do we feel like we are treating others like “the needy” by calling ourselves the Charity Quilt Group? We began a discussion about this at our last Sew-In, and I think it is worthwhile to examine the topic.

There is a quilting magazine that has begun using the term “Comfort Quilts” for patterns suitable for giving. This is also an appropriate term. As quilters, we know the difference between a quilt and a comforter, but isn’t comfort the result of either gift? I love the thought of our quilts wrapping someone in our love. Have you seen the label we sew on our projects? It says, “From your friends at the Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild.” Perfect.

I’m pretty old-fashioned myself and will probably still use the term “charity” out of habit, but if you would like to use “comfort quilt” to describe your work, please do so. I really think the terms are interchangeable, so I’m not advocating changing our By Laws. Just giving some leeway in terminology. Let me know what you think.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881



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President's Message

Quilts for Fire Victims

Thanks to all who have so generously donated time, energy and quilts to our effort in getting quilts to the victims of the two northern California fires. We sent 10 to our contact for the Carr Fire effort. Over the Thanksgiving holiday her attention was directed to the Camp Fire, and 17 were sent there. She phoned to thank us for the beautiful quilts she received and said they are sought after and appreciated more than she could express.

We were also able to find a direct contact in Chico through this organization We sent 16 quilts before December 15 so that they could be handed to families for Warm Hugs for the Holidays. WE CARE project is supporting school children in the area as an ongoing project and they are looking for quilts at least 42”x54” and also pillowcases. This need will extend well into the new year; so I would encourage you to look through you stash to see if there is a UFO waiting to fill this need.


Terann Carr


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Charity Quilt Activity for 2018

We have had an active year, as always, and here are the totals:

  • Neonatal quilts: 108 of the small ones and 10 of the 45” squares
  • CASA: 45
  • The Christ Child Society: 15
  • The VTC: 13
  • US Renal Care: 24
  • Fire victims: 46
  • Heart Pillows for the three area hospitals: 142 (the most pillows we have ever distributed in one year!)

You all are amazing!

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Shopping with Amazon Smile and eScrip


Amazon Smile and Escrip

Don't forget to use Amazon Smile with our guild as the donation recipient. Here's how: Go to and sign up. You can use Prime, or not. Then, choose Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild as your charity of choice. Last, shop as you normally would ... just make sure that you are on the Smile portion of Amazon.

You can also help the guild by signing up and using your donation eScrip at Lucky Supermarket.

eScrip and AmazonSmile

Here's the basic info:

MPQG now has a new and simple way to earn money through the charity donation programs (and yes we ARE an official charity under government rules) of AmazonSmile program and through the eScrip program.

The two programs work in different ways.

  • AmazonSmile requires that you designate a charity, and then make purchases at Amazon under the AmazonSmile banner. Then, 0.05% of your purchase comes directly into our bank account quarterly. Here are links to the AmazonSmile program....easy to sign up, no charge, works with Prime or regular Amazon....and you can see your contribution at any time.
  • eScrip works differently depending on which store you purchase from. Locally, Lucky/FoodMAxx/SaveMart are major partners. (More to come when I figure it out!...possibly Target!) It's as simple as using your rewards card or phone # when you purchase after designating your Charity. Again the funds go directly into our bank account.

FYI - eScrip allows for mass registration by the coordinator. I can do this for you and you'll get an email to confirm that you want to join. Again, it's free and only your phone # and an email are needed just like a rewards card. We can get up to 3% of amounts spent!!!! I will have eScrip signup sheets, more info, and step-by-step directions at the next meeting.


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Money Pie

MPQG Members:
Let's Get our Share of $4 Million!

It's not too good to be true. Over $4 Million per year in eScrip contributions are waiting for our guild - and most of this is still available from the Shares powered by the eScrip program! We can get our SHARES by getting our members to sign up and shop at Lucky, SaveMart and FoodMaxx stores.

Here's what the top earners have made this year:

  • St. Anthony's School - $13,043
  • Central Valley Christian School - $12,113
  • Valley Oak SPCA - $11,778
  • Sammie's Friends - $10,667
  • St. Joachim School - $10,085

Read on to understand how easy it is to sign up. It won't take long to add to the guild coffers when you do your grocery shopping at the local Lucky Markets.

The most recent report from eScrip was back in November at a whopping $5 for the guild -- better than nothing, of course. We're hoping many more members will have signed up before the next quarterly report.

Tina Magill, Escrip and AmazonSmile Donations Coordinator
email or cell: 510-206-8477



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2019 Quilt Show Categories Have Been Revised

In this issue of the MPQG newsletter you will find the Entry Form (page 12) and the Judging Application Form (page 13) for the 2019 Quilt Show. You will see there have been some changes made in the categories (page 14) we will be using for judging the quilt. Several members of the Judging Committee met to discuss not only your comments from the 2018 Quilt Show, but also the categories used in other quilt shows. Decisions were made as follows:

    • Kit Quilts now may be judged, and will be in their own, separate category. It was determined that many quilters really enjoy the ease of using a kit which includes the pattern and pre-selected fabric, but still might spend a tremendous amount of energy and time on the making of the quilt. Such kits are becoming increasingly common. The category allows judging of these quilts so that our members’ work can be recognized, and so the member might benefit on the comments made by the judge. Kit Quilts will not be eligible for Best of Show.
    • Special Quilt Techniques is a category now being used in several other quilt shows, and the group felt it should replace ‘Innovative Quilts,’ as it is more clearly defined and more appropriately allows quilts to be in categories better suited to each entry. It will include construction methods such as fusing and digital printing, surface design techniques and embellishments such as thread painting, beading, crystals, embroidery, and painting, or a mixture of hand and machine quilting, as well as any quilt that does not obviously fit into any other category.
    • Traditional Quilts will now include all quilts based on a traditional design, pieced and/or appliquéd and will include pieced, English paper-pieced and foundation-pieced (on paper or fabric) quilts.

Definitions for the Judging Categories are on a separate page included with the Judging Application Form, for your use in determining which category to use for your quilt. Please Read These Definitions! (This page does not have to be turned in with your Application Form.)

Other news: We’ve also added one ribbon per judge for Challenge Quilt Judge’s Choice; the Judge will be able to select her Choice from any of the Challenge Quilts, not just those submitted for judging. Best of Show will be selected only from those quilts awarded First Place Ribbons Judge’s Choice may be selected from any quilt in the show, whether judged or not.

Please note that your Entry and Judging Application Forms, along with a 4 x 6” glossy photo of each quilt, can be submitted as soon as you know your quilt will be completed and that you plan to have it in the Quilt Show. Early submissions are much appreciated, but the absolute deadline in February 4, 2019.

For questions, please contact Debbie Biller at 831-655-8009 or email:




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Other Quilting News

header for

Documenting Your Quilt

Used with the written permission of All articles are copyrighted. Many thanks to Maria Elkins of for allowing us to share this terrific information.

Quiltmaker’s Documentation Form

At the very least, fill out a Quiltmaker’s Documentation Form for each of the quilts you make. On this form you can record all the pertinent information about your quilt. It’s nice to have digital pictures, but computers can crash and technology becomes outdated, so be sure to include a paper photograph of your quilt along with fabric swatches which are useful for monitoring fading. Please feel free to make copies of this quilt documentation form and distribute it to your friends, your quilt guild, or wherever you like.

For how-to details, click here.

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Show Your Work

Are you looking for more exposure for your work? Check these web sites for textile-friendly exhibitions: