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Fall is in the Air

The fields around Salinas are being harvested and replanted for their final crop before the winter. The pumpkins are ripening in the fields awaiting their destiny as jack-o-lanterns, or vegetable servings, or best of all to my mind, Pumpkin Pies.

As quilters, we anticipate the cooler weather with gratitude. Less gardening and shorter days so there is more time to enjoy our craft. We can also pull out our quilts to be used as that extra layer of cozy warmth needed in the evenings.

The orientation meeting with the new Board was great. Noreen Nance did a phenomenal job of laying out the roles and responsibilities of Board Members to the newly elected members. Immediately after, the 2017/18 budget was presented for approval at the September meeting. Our budget for the upcoming fiscal year began on 1 September. The level of efficiency was outstanding.

Our quilt tying event went off without a hitch thanks to the superb ability of Terann Carr to get us organized. Twelve quilts were tied and judging by the level of conversation at various tables, new friendships were forged.

Upcoming events to be thinking about and planning for are:

  • It is not too early for our friendship groups and others to be thinking about the gift baskets to be raffled at our December Winter Benefit Social.


  • The quilt show planning has begun. There are many hands needed to put on this phenomenal event. Please let Kathrin Brown, our Quilt Show Chair, know if you are interested in learning about open positions. If you know someone who is a committee chair talk with them about what it entails.
  • Submit ideas for our raffle quilt for 2019.

Now that I’ve given you all these assignments, don’t forget to sit down and relax under that favourite quilt on these cool evenings.

Rita Jacques, President
email, 360-561-6296


President's Message for October


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Rita's Sailboat Logo for President's Message

Stay in the Moment

As I write this, we are moored to a buoy off Shaw Island in the San Juan Islands between Washington State and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It is raining and cool but I’m snug with a warm cup of tea.

During this trip, I have been thinking about the similarities between quilting and sailing, both of equal importance to me. I’ve come to the conclusion that both require me to “stay in the moment.” Any lack of attention can

lead to poor results or worse, an accident: damaged boat or sails, or damaged sewing machine or fingers. I find that this demand for full awareness of the present rests my mind in some magical way.

As a guild, we are heading into a busy but delightful time of year.

  • Quilts being readied for our friends and family as gifts.
  • The baskets for our annual fund raiser are being designed individually or within our friendship circles.
  • Each of us is on the lookout for an organization that would benefit from the additional funds we give in annual grants to support their participation in the fabric arts. If you know of any, please encourage them to apply for a grant.

I want to thank Claudia Gano for partnering with June Cornell to plan for our holiday party. Also, a big thank you to Donna Appleget who has agreed to take over the UFO project for the coming year.

No matter what your activities in the coming months, enjoy each moment. In sailor speak, I wish you all fair winds and following sails.

Map of Washington State showing Shaw Island




Rita Jacques, President
email, 360-561-6296


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Request for Quilts for Napa/Sonoma Fire Victims

Quilts for NORCAL Fire Victims

This email request with the very appealing graphic was forwarded to your web manager for posting. I've joined their Facebook group in anticipation of learning more and will let Terann Carr know about any updates from them. If you have bed quilts or juvenile pillowcases watch for news from Terann Carr, our Charity Quilt Coordinator. Or, send your quilts to:

Always Quilting
4230 Olympic Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403

Claudia Sammis, Web Manager
email, 408-219-5758


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Above: Slide - Challenge Resources

Mel Beach
Quilt Challenge Contact List

Aren't you energized after listening to Mel and seeing her amazing challenge work? I know that I am. Umpteen years ago at PVQA and as a newish quilter, I entered a fair number of creative-stretching challenges both through that guild as well as international challenges organized by Tracey Brookshier our November speaker. Wow! I learned a lot by having that freedom to experiment.

If you want to have another look at Mel's work, here's the scoop:

There are many good things to say about both her website and blog. (And, that's not always true of other MPQG speakers and workshop teachers.) The website is well organized by topic and up-to-date. By clicking on a Gallery photo link, for instance Fabric Challenges, you will see numerous quilts that fit that category. Want to see her studio and how it's organized? Go to her blog post of October 2.

Thanks, Mel, for sending this slide to us so quickly.

Claudia Sammis, Web Manager
email, 408-219-5758


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UFO is back


UFO is Back

Good news! Donna Appleget is now heading up our UFO Resolution project. Below, she describes how it works. Many thanks to Rita Remenap-Keith for her efforts this past two years.

UFO Resolutions

What were your quilting resolutions this year? You probably hoped to (1) organize your stash, (2) finish your UFOs, and (3) clean up your sewing space once and for all. Of course, one way to eliminate clutter and organize your stash is to list your UFOs (Un Finished Objects), your WIGS (Works In Grocery Sacks), your WISPs (Works In Slow Progress), or whatever else you want to call them. You will be surprised how just listing these projects can motivate you!

Make a list of your UFOs, keep a copy for yourself and give a copy* to me. Then, get to work! When you finish your project, check it off in our UFO notebook and put your name in the jar for a quarterly prize drawing. Next, share your quilt with the guild during show and tell. How easy is that? You can list personal projects, neo-natal quilts, dialysis quilts, charity quilt finishing projects, entries in the quilt show, challenge quilts, class projects, quilts for the small quilt auction ... the list is endless! It’s a fun way to finish some projects and share them with your friends in the guild.

Just know that it's never too late to start. 

*or, send your UFO list to:
Donna Appleget
PO Box 1025
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Donna Appleget, UFOs
email, 831-324-4316

P. S. If you're a "form" person, click the link.

October Update: Please visit me at the UFO table at the November guild event. I would like to introduce myself and update your UFO pages in preparation for a drawing at the December Holiday Fundraiser Party. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing their finished UFO's!


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Double Hour Glass on Point

Double Hour Glass
On Point

Thanks to Marjorie Longo who found this version of the Double Hour Glass. For directions, go to /block-of-the-month.htm.

Kathrin Brown, Block of the Month
email, 408-838-1004




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Who Should Receive
A 2018 Grant?

Los Arboles Middle School Grant Recipient 2017

Hello MPQG members. As we head into November, we know that the holidays are right around the corner. In December, we have our annual fundraiser at our December party.

Last year, we awarded Los Arboles Middle School a $200 grant and look what they turned out! They won First Place, and Best of Show at the Monterey County Fair! Congratulations to Los Arboles Middle School and Jeanne Bartels for submitting a grant request.

Applications for this year's grants are due by December 1st. The forms are here. As you know, the grant requests are evaluated on two criteria: 1. The request must meet the goals and objectives of the MPQG outreach and mission, and 2. Priority is given to educational and creative programs.

Start thinking about what organization you would like to help with a grant request. Be an extra good friend and offer to fill out the form for them. Remember, December 1st is just around the corner.

Los Arboles Middle School Grant Recipient 2017

Noreen Nance, Vice President
email, 831-915-3441


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Wildflower Quilt Exhibit at
PG Museum of Natural History

We’re very excited to announce a second Guild quilt exhibition at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, this time reflecting a theme of wildflowers. The show will open in mid-December 2017 and run until late April 2018.

The exhibition will feature quilts from Guild members depicting aspects of wildflowers in any style—traditional, modern, art, abstract, etc. The show will overlap with the Museum’s annual wildflower exhibit. Please note that quilts submitted for the Museum exhibition will NOT be available for the Guild’s Quilt Show in early April. This means we can have quilts on exhibit in two places at once!

This year, the Museum will be accepting the quilts during one day in early December, and quilters will be able to pick their quilts up from the Museum in late April 2018. Quilters may submit up to three quilts. The maximum size for each quilt is a perimeter of 120 inches.

Only Guild members may enter quilts, and the Museum will make the final call on those that are exhibited.

Nora Deans, 831-760-9800


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Steinbeck Center logo

Quilt Exhibit
Steinbeck Center, Salinas

Notes from Sherrill: I spoke to Tara at the Steinbeck Center today and put together some information we can post on our website and in Pines & Needles after next week's meeting. The Steinbeck Center is just beginning to put this exhibit together so they don't have an actual start date yet.

The Steinbeck Center approached our Guild for assistance with an exhibit featuring women, their passions, and their artwork. The exhibit will start in October and run thru January 2018. They are looking for the loan of pieces for display as well as volunteers to speak about or demonstrate their craft. The Center's collection contains two large quilts that have stories behind them, one was made by women in agriculture and the other by a woman passionate about California condors. With this as a starting point, they are looking for quilts that say something about place or location. There is limited space in the gallery so they prefer smaller pieces, even items that could be put in display cases. Staff saw the exhibit at the Fair and were taken by the size of our challenge quilts. Other fiber arts would also be considered.

If anyone has an item they would like to loan, is interested in speaking or demonstrating, please contact me.

Sherrill Ash, Community Outreach, 831-915-2296


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Charity Quilt Update

October News

Heart Pillows to a New Home The cancer resource centers of CHOMP and SVMH were given two dozen heart pillows each! And, I have another dozen in reserve! That means five dozen were made … WOW! You have all given such an encouraging gift to our sisters who are facing a huge challenge. Thank You.

Hexie News I’m getting close to the number I need to put together this fun hexie quilt for charity! If you have taken batting hexies, now is the time to bring in your finished “blocks”. It is going to be so cute, may I say cute?

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881


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Tina Magill, PIQF 2017

PIQF Recap

MPQG had a fantastic representation at PIQF. Congratulations to all members whose quilts were on display: Bev Schiavoni, Catherine McGovern, Cindy Brown, Claudia Gano, Elizabeth Hull, Holly Casey, Kathrin Brown, Linda Branting, Sherrill Ash, and Tina Magill.

And, our guild members also attended in swarms -- I counted 20 members in the hotel lobby on Thursday night!

Kathrin Brown, Communications
email, 408-838-1004


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Charity Quilt Friendship Group October 20

Open Studio at CQFG

The October Sew In is NOT conflicting with PIQF this year! So, we will meet October 20th, the third Friday as usual. We can have an “open studio” again with our own charity projects, that is kind of fun. I have a few more hexie batting pieces, and neonatal kits that are pretty easily done in a morning. Please join us, we have great fun together. Bring a lunch, too. If you're new to our friendship quilt group, call for directions.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881


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Charity Quilt Friendship Group October 20

CQFG Meets

The third Friday in November is the 17th, which is the week before Thanksgiving - that should help us remember. We will be finalizing the baskets the Charity group is preparing for the Holiday Party raffle; our themes are 30’s fabrics, oriental fabrics, and possibly Christmas. Final plans will be shared through our e-mail blast. Besides the baskets, you can bring a current project you are working on.

Please join us, we have great fun together. Bring a lunch, too. If you're new to our friendship quilt group, call for directions.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881


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Judging Helper Needed for Quilt Show

Are You Intriqued By the Judging Process?

This past year, several members were interested in the volunteer position of Judging Helper. We have had a team of volunteers/scribes for several years and would like to open it up as an opportunity to serve for the 2018 MPQG Quilt Show. If this is something that interests you, please contact me. I will add you to the list and answer questions regarding the details of the job.

Judi Brown, Quilt Show Committee




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Pat Cornelius Collage


An Interview with Pat Cornelius

One in an occasional series in which a MPQG member, chosen at random, is interviewed about her quilting journey.

It’s a good bet that if everyone had a sister-in-law like Joan, the world would be crowded with quilters. Hyperbole? Perhaps. But it certainly holds true for quilter Patricia Cornelius.

“In 2002, I had surgery and my sister-in-law, who’d been a quilter for many years, gave me a quilt—a heart motif quilt. It was beautiful, and I said, ‘Oh, I could never do this.’ Well, you don’t say that to my sister-in-law and get away with it.”

So began a quilting odyssey that Pat has enjoyed for 15 years and, while Joan has been her guide and travel companion, Pat has forged her very own path of creativity and skill.

“I started sewing when I was ten. I used my grandmother’s treadle machine and made little things, simple clothing. And I liked it. I took a sewing class in high school, and I just continued. When I had my kids I used to make a lot of their clothes, and I’d make things for the house—curtains and different things.”

Joan was working at the shop Fabric and Fun in Milpitas when she challenged Pat to enter the world of quilting. “’The next beginners’ class,’ Joan ordered, ‘you’re taking it.’”

“So,” Pat says, “I took a class on how to rotary cut. That first time, it was like I was a child again, learning to write. How do you hold it, how to make it go straight? Once I mastered that, I took the beginners' class. It was a sampler quilt, and it had I think eight blocks. Each block used a different technique. So I learned.”

Pat’s not sure if it was the beginners’ classes themselves, or their setting, that hooked her. “The classes were in the quilt store, and all heck broke loose. I was like, ‘oh, what’s this fabric, what’s that fabric? Oh, I love that pattern.’ I just went nuts. That was a challenge for me in the beginning: picking fabrics and colors. I liked this one and that one.” It took some time, she notes, to settle down and learn to choose with care. “I wasn’t looking for matchy-matchy but for colors and fabrics that would blend and appeal to the person I was making [the quilt] for.”

Finding the right fabric has long inspired Pat. “When I was making quilts for the grandkids, it was the fabrics. I’d find out what they liked. My granddaughter liked horses, and I made her a horse quilt. One liked cars, another liked Batman, another liked dinosaurs.” She laughs, and adds, “The one who liked dinosaurs, he’s 22 now. So more recently I made him a flannel quilt, with deer and bear and outdoor motifs.

“So, it was finding the fabric. Every quilt shop that I went to -- I lived in San Jose, and Joan and I used to take road trips to the different quilt shops looking for horse fabric, dinosaur fabric…You know, it takes a while to collect it, but that’s part of the pleasure.

“Then I’d go find a pattern to showcase the fabrics. For my granddaughter’s horse quilt, for example, I did the BQ[1] pattern. It’s very simple: you have your center block and build strips around it. It turned out great. So, the pattern was determined by the fabric that I bought, whether horses, or large-scale flowers, or my mermaid quilts.

“So fabric is often my starting point. Unless,” she smiles, confessing to the quilter’s dilemma in a world of inspiration, “I see a pattern when we’re out in one of the shops. Then I start with the pattern and look for the fabric.”

When asked about her quilting style, Pat ponders. “Everyone has their different taste. Mine, I think, is more traditional. I don’t particularly care for scrappy quilts; I seem to need everything in order. And I do love sampler quilts.” She unfolds a stunning example. “This is Eleanor Burns’ Victory Quilt[2]. It was a block-of-the-month that I bought from the shop Always Quilting in San Mateo. This was fun, because for each block [Burns] told a story about her father in WWII. Each block means something.” She points out a plane, a several stars, and even Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottie dog, Fala.

“Now, my favorite technique is paper-piecing,” she continues. “It takes a lot of concentration, but the precision is so satisfying.” Pat indicates a mini-quilt on the wall, a multi-layered star pattern featuring more than 150 unique colors. “I did this Jinny Beyer[3] wall hanging in 2010. The pieces were precut and they were so tiny, all in a stack that you had to keep in order. Don’t open the window so they blow around! And kids, don’t touch! It took me probably a year to make, it was so intense.

“People would see my paper piecing and ask how I did it,” Pat recalls, speaking specifically of the quilting retreats she took with members of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association. “’I’ll show you,’ I would say, ‘but I can’t do it for you. It has to click up here,’” she points to her temple. “Oh, and I have made mistakes. I’ve made so many holes in the paper that I’ve had to reprint whole pages. But to me, that’s part of the challenge. And once I focus, it works.”

Those quilting retreats, twice-yearly to the Marin Headlands, offered opportunity to focus, but even more so did the cabin get-aways with Joan. “My sister-in-law and I, we used to go to her cousin’s cabin up in Sonora. We’d bring our sewing machines, and all our projects, and stay there for a week.”

The quilting retreats and cabin interludes gave way to new horizons when Pat moved south to Monterey, and Joan moved north to Washington State, both to be nearer children and grandchildren. Pat joined the Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild in 2013, and has shown quilts (and won ribbons) in most of the county fairs and guild shows since 2014.

Pat now lives with family in a rambling house high above Monterey Bay; she occupies a delightful, private apartment that gives onto a sunny patio and the woods beyond. Her ‘multi-purpose’ room houses her sitting area, computer corner and a sewing zone where her machine, supplies, and cutting table are ready whenever inspiration strikes. Tasha, the ragdoll cat is always ready to test the quilts as Pat finishes them.

“I’ve probably made pushing 100 quilts,” she reflects, “but I don’t have most of them because I’ve given them to grandkids, to friends, to people who have serious illnesses. Sometimes I haven’t even finished a quilt and my granddaughter says, ‘I want that,’ and then my daughter says, ‘I want that.’ My answer to them is always, ‘you two fight it out.’

Pat has honed her skills over those 100 quilts, and today is an exceedingly accomplished quilter. But she still relies on some advice she got in her earliest days at the craft. “At first, if it wasn’t totally perfect, I would tear it out and start again. One of the teachers I had would say, ‘You’re making more work for yourself. Nothing in this world is perfect, and your quilts aren’t going to be perfect.’ She told me to always use the five-and-ten rule. ‘Hang up your quilt and stand five feet away,’ she said. ‘If you see that it’s a little bit off, well, go back to ten feet.’”

“Plus,” Pat concludes, “When somebody else is looking at it, they’re not going to see your mistakes. Every quilt I give to people, I say, ‘Use it. Don’t abuse it, but use it.’ They aren’t meant to be perfect. Quilts should be used and loved.”

[1] BQ is short for ‘Big Quilt,’ a series of patterns that Debbie Bowles designed to highlight large motifs on fabrics. See
[2] The pattern is available as a book, Victory Quilts, at
[3] The pattern is available at

Cat T., Communications Team


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Welcome, Membership News

Membership News

Welcome new member Cecelia Larsen of Salinas and returning member Susan Holtam of Pebble Beach! Also, Michele Benson and Diane DiGirolamo have renewed their memberships. While their contact information is not in the MPQG printed directory which was distributed to members at our October meeting, it is available in our freshly updated online directory. Keep your handy hard-copy relevant by adding their names to your booklet.

We happily greet new members throughout the year, so remember to check online for our most recent additions. Go to the ABOUT US tab above and click on Member Directory. Because it is a members only area, you will need to enter your user name which is your email address. Unless you've changed your password, the generic password is quilt. If you have a problem, contact web manager, Claudia Sammis at

Linda Branting, Membership, 650-703-0531


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2018 Show:
Quilts by the Bay

It is time to start planning for our quilt show. Thank you to all volunteers that are able to return to their positions. That leaves a number of positions that need to be filled (see table below). This is a great opportunity for our new members to get involved and make new friends. Please see me at the next meeting to inquire about the open positions.

The 2018 Quilt show is on:

  • Friday, April 13, 10am - 5pm
  • Saturday, April 14, 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday April 15, 10am - 4pm

We will have our first Quilt Show Committee and Coordinator meeting on Wednesday, November 29 at 5:30pm at the Monterey Library.

Kathrin Brown, Quilt Show Chair, 408-838-1004

We need you to volunteer


Phyllis Martin

June Cornell

Linda Branting, Phyllis Martin

Garage Sale
Terann Carr

Jeanne Krener

Hanging & Dismantling
Patricia Brown
need shadow to train for 2019

Judging, Quilt & Data
Debbie Biller

Data Entry
Sharon Winter

Judi Brown, June Wolfe

Mini Quilt Raffle
Donna Foote




Dru Hammond

Maia Liddle

Quilt Reception & Return




Viewers’ Choice Awards

Volunteer Coordinator
Becky Taylor

White Gloves





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We need you to make it happen

Newsletter Editor

Do you like to do word processing and assembling articles in a document? I have been newsletter editor for two years now, and I am happy to train someone to take the job. So, if you are looking for a great way to be involved in the guild and spend about 4-8 hours a month from the comfort of your home, contact me. Note: this is not a position that requires attendance at Board meetings.

Kathrin Brown, Pines & Needles Editor
email, 408-838-1004




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Gift Basket

December Winter Benefit Social and Fundraiser

Right now there is a lot of planning going on in the friendship groups to create some beautiful raffle baskets for our December Winter Benefit Social and Fundraiser. This year’s event will be chaired by Claudia Gano.

If you have any ideas or special requests, I would love to hear your suggestions. We want to make the evening not only successful for the fundraising but also communal and fun for everyone attending.

Claudia Gano, Chair - Grants Fundraiser
email, 831-659-0650







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Request for 2019 Raffle Quilt Designs

Call for Design Proposals
2019 Raffle Quilt

Yes, now is the time when we start thinking about the next Raffle Quilt. And yes, it will be raffled off during the 2019 Quilt Show. So if you are interested in creating an original design or using a copyrighted pattern with permission from the designer; one that encourages Guild participation; and one that has people opening their wallets for a chance at a very special quilt. Now is your moment.

The MPQG Board will be taking proposals through October to be finalized by the November board meeting. All proposals must include a marketing commitment and plan. This is an excellent project for friendship or small groups. And, it is a major fundraiser for the Guild. Think of the accolades; think of the acclaim if your creative spirit can help the Guild balance its budget!

Allison Barrett, Activities


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Thank you for the charity quilts

Thanks from USRC Dialysis

This came to me from Margaret Blume:

Dear Terann: What a beautiful assortment of quilts you brought to the clinic last week! It is such a joy to unfold each one and marvel at the amazing work that was put into it. Please thank everyone involved with keeping our supply of quilts well stocked! We are extremely grateful for your ongoing support!
Margaret & the staff (and the patients)
USRC Dialysis

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881



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Amazon Smile and Escrip logos

eScrip and AmazonSmile

MPQG now has a new and simple way to earn money through the charity donation programs (and yes we ARE an official charity under government rules) of AmazonSmile program and through the eScrip program.

The two programs work in different ways.

  • AmazonSmile requires that you designate a charity, and then make purchases at Amazon under the AmazonSmile banner. Then, 0.05% of your purchase comes directly into our bank account quarterly. Here are links to the AmazonSmile program....easy to sign up, no charge, works with Prime or regular Amazon....and you can see your contribution at any time.
  • eScrip works differently depending on which store you purchase from. Locally, Lucky/FoodMAxx/SaveMart are major partners. (More to come when I figure it out!...possibly Target!) It's as simple as using your rewards card or phone # when you purchase after designating your Charity. Again the funds go directly into our bank account.

FYI - eScrip allows for mass registration by the coordinator. I can do this for you and you'll get an email to confirm that you want to join. Again, it's free and only your phone # and an email are needed just like a rewards card. We can get up to 3% of amounts spent!!!! I will have eScrip signup sheets, more info, and step-by-step directions at the next meeting.

NEED HELP?...Have questions? PLEASE ASK ME.

Tina Magill, eScrip and AmazonSmile Donations Coordinator
  email, 510-206-8477

November Note from Kathrin Brown ... Living out in Carmel Valley, I am relying on Amazon. Well, I also like Amazon’s prices. I signed up for AmazonSmile as soon as I saw Tina Magill’s posting that my shopping can give our guild a few pennies with each order. It was super easy to select our guild as the beneficiary, and I am still getting my Amazon Prime benefits. So, now I go to (bookmark it!) and place my orders as I have done before. I also asked my husband to go that route when he places his order. Let’s see what these pennies will do by the end of our fiscal year once everyone orders through SMILE.AMAZON.COM.


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Printed Member Directory Available October 2

Member Directory Update

Back by popular demand: A printed, easy-to-read Member Directory!

Our new Directory is up-to-date as of September 1st, 2017, the deadline for membership dues, and was distributed to members only (at no charge, of course) at the October 2 Guild meeting. Members renewing after September 1st were not included in the printed directory but may purchase one for $5 for as long as our supply lasts.

Remember! An up-to-date Member Directory is always available on this website in the ABOUT tab. It's in the members only section so you will need your user name and password. Contact Claudia Sammis at email if you have problems logging in.

Annual membership fee for new and renewing members is $50. Please write your check payable to MPQG and send to:
Linda Branting
MPQG Membership
P O Box 2715
Carmel, CA 93921

When renewing, be sure to let me know if you have changes in contact information!

Linda Branting, Membership, 650-703-0531


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Guild Meeting


November Block of the Month

Show and Tell
Show and Tell
Show and Tell



Show and Tell
Show and Tell
Show and Tell

Show and Tell




Show and Tell
Show and Tell
Show and Tell
Show and Tell



Show and Tell


Mel Beach Workshop

Workshop attendees

 Thank to photographer, Cat, who does a great job for the website and Pines & Needles newsletter.





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2018 Raffle Quilt

Gorgeous POP OF COLOR! Our 2018 Raffle Quilt

To the left is our 2018 Raffle Quilt, designed by Gudny Campbell and beautifully quilted by Holly Casey. Make sure to get a good view of it at the Fair. It’s a stunner.

Want to help market this quilt? Do you have plans to visit another guild and could take the quilt and sell tickets? Have some other ideas where to show and market the quilt? Perhaps the Women’s club, some other art events? Any suggestions are welcomed.

If yes is your answer to the above questions, please contact Gudny Campbell at

Size: 90" wide x 92" high


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October Board Projects

October Board Projects

  • Meeting: Lecture, and New Member Welcome preceding meeting (postponed). Responsibility: Program, Membership
  • Raffle quilt ticket distribution to members. Responsibility: Community Outreach
  • Call for volunteers for Winter Benefit Social and grant fund raising event. Responsibility: President, Special Fundraiser Chair
  • Original new raffle quilt design proposals due for selection in November. Responsibility: Activities
  • Call for Community Grant Award proposals continues. Responsibility: Vice President
  • Long lead media mailing for Quilt Show. Responsibility: Quilt Show
  • Recruit Quilt Show committee chairs. Responsibility: Quilt Show
  • Board meeting on Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  • Updates and announcements to Communications the 13th of month. Responsibility: Communications, all


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Board Projects for November

November Board Projects

  • Meeting: Lecture. Responsibility: Program
  • Finalize original raffle quilt design. Responsibility: Activities
  • Call for Community Grant Award proposals continues. Responsibility: Vice President, Community Outreach
  • Planning for Winter Benefit Social, and fund raising event continues. Responsibility: Claudia Gano
  • Initial Quilt Show committee members meeting. Responsibility: Quilt Show
  • Updates and announcements to Communications the 13th of month. Responsibility: All, Communications



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Other Quilting News

Dolores Roseveave Quilts

Above: Pajaro by Dolores Roseveare

My Empty Spools Journey
in Gallery
at Back Porch Fabrics

Quilts inspired by Empty Spools Seminars. September 10 to October 31. Reception for the artist is Sunday, September 10, 1 to 3 pm.

Location: 157 Grand Avenue at Central, Pacific Grove, CA, 831-375-4453.

For additional info, go to Empty Spools Seminars.






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Nancy Zieman of

Nancy Zieman:
Time to Say Goodbye

Sad news about Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy and her retirement from Wisconsin Public Television. To learn more about Nancy, go to: and




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London Calling quilt pattern

London Calling

As you travel, are you drawn to interesting fabric stores? Do you see quilt patterns or fabrics that are specific to that country or state? Let’s not keep these unique treasures a secret any longer. Send me the basic info (who, what, where, when, why, how) plus photos and I’ll post it here in the NEWS column. As the article ages out, I’ll move an abbreviated form of the information to the RESOURCES area of the website.

Anglophiles rejoice! London Calling, a lap quilt pattern from Creative Quilting quilt store features famous motifs from London plus a little Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. It's designed for fusible applique, but of course you could add a seam allowance and either machine or hand applique it. I found the pattern and quilt sample at this charming quilt shop in Bath, England just a quick walk from the train station. Go to If you're headed that way, go to ABOUT US for the address, etc.

Claudia Sammis, Web Manager
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Making A Difference, Moth Radio Hour

Making a Difference

I am a fan of National Public Radio’s The Moth program, which features life stories by interesting people telling their experiences. I rarely come across quilting stories outside of the quilting world, but was pleased to hear this one, by a woman who made quilts for families of victims of 9/11. The connection I felt so strongly was in this quilter’s questioning of whether making these comfort quilts really made a difference to people.

This is something our guild does well and often, and we should all be proud of that work, as this quilter ultimately found out. Here is a link to her story:

Maia Liddle


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New Shows at San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

New Shows Open at the Quilt Museum

Lots of exhibits open on Friday, July 21 and run through October 15. For details and enticing photos, go to: While you're on their website, don't miss the article on the Artist in Residence if there is one this exhibit period. In addition, there are numerous ongoing events that you will want to explore ... some include children/young people.

The museum is located in a happening San Jose location within easy walk to restaurants, and reasonably priced parking.


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Quilts made by men coming to the American Folk Art Museum

Made by Men in Wartime
Coming to
American Folk Art Museum

War and Pieced: The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics, is the first exhibition in the United States to highlight quilts made by men during times of war, using wool from military uniforms. The exhibition is on view at the American Folk Art Museum in New York (2 Lincoln Sq., Columbus Ave. at 66th Street) now to January 7, 2018. The exhibition will travel to the Quilt Study Center & Museum, University of Lincoln-Nebraska, to be on view May 25–September 16, 2018. To read the complete article, go to:

Allison Barrett, Activities


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Show Your Work

Are you looking for more exposure for your work? Check these web sites for textile-friendly exhibitions: