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Presidents Message for August


Guild Update

As I write this, my last message as Guild president, I reflect on how many exciting things are happening in August, especially at our members meeting, where we’ll gather to share Tips, Tricks and Techniques, turn in our Challenge Quilts, and vote on the slate of new candidates for the open Board positions (see /news.htm#vote). We thank those Board members who are stepping down, are re-upping in their current position, or are taking on new positions—Rita Jacques, Donna Foote, Jeanne Mills, and Kathrin Brown.

This is also the perfect time to send in or bring your membership renewal to the August meeting so you stay current and receive a membership directory for free. You won’t miss out on all of the great speakers and workshops coming up this fall, (see HOME, and ACTIVITIES on the drop down menu above). I’ve already renewed!

And I hope you’ve signed up to volunteer at the Monterey County Fair, where our quilts will be hanging in a larger hall for all to see.

I’m excited about the new slate of Board officers and Committee Chairs, who are volunteering to guide this vibrant Guild for the next two years, joining those already serving. Our fiscal year ends on August 31st, and the new Board takes the lead September 1. Our Guild continues to thrive thanks to them, and to all of you who renew your memberships and make our monthly meetings so inspiring and rewarding. I always marvel at the depth of talent reflected in show-and-tell quilts, challenge quilts, blocks of the month, and the amazing number of charity quilts our members create. And I can’t wait to see what wildflower-themed quilts you’ll create for our second exhibition at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, opening in mid-December.

While I’m living in Golden, Colorado now, I’m already designing my quilt for the show, and will make every effort to be there for the opening reception. And from afar, I’m looking forward to working closely with Phyllis Martin, Kathrin Brown, Lisa Maddelena, Linda Garofalo and the Board on finding new speakers and workshop leaders for the 2018-2019 year. Be sure to let us hear from you about who you would like to have come and share their talents with us.

My heartfelt thanks to Noreen Nance and Jeanne Krener for running the Guild meetings in my absences this summer, and to all of you for your friendship and quilting camaraderie.


Nora Deans, President, 831-760-9800


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President's Message for September sailboat art

My first piece of business is to thank all members for allowing me the privilege of serving as the President of Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild for the next two years. My second piece of business is a heartfelt thank you to those members who will make up the Board with me. It is a great team and I’m sure you all know that it takes a team to have a successful organization. My promise to the Board is that I will keep meetings on time and on schedule following the precedent set by previous presidents.

If the fantastic display of Challenge Quilts at the last meeting is any indication, our display at the Monterey County Fair should be spectacular. I never recall seeing so many ready for entry.

Linda Branting and her committee did a wonderful job in selecting the subject. Be sure to give the committee feedback for next years challenge.

I’m looking forward to our next workshop (insert presenter). I find that I never have enough practice on my quilting skills and this will be a grand opportunity to have uninterrupted time for that.

Our Winter Benefit Fundraiser in December is coming up and I would like to give June Cornell a needed break, by asking all of you for input for this year’s party. June has done the lion’s share of the planning and implementation along with her husband for the last few years.

As many of you know, I lost my daughter quite suddenly in July. She was my quilting buddy and we attended several Asilomar Conferences as well as other workshops together. Her skills far exceeded mine, but it was a great joy to create something together. As I write this I’m remembering her and truly understand now what a gift a quilt can be. It is her legacy to me.

If any of you have suggestions for me, please email or call. I welcome your input.

Rita Jacques, President
email, 360-561-6296



2017-2018 Guild Officers

We had a quorum! Thanks to all who voted-in this outstanding slate of officers at the August meeting.

Executive Board:
President - Rita Jacques
Secretary - Catherine McGovern
Standing Coordinators
Program - Nora Deans/Phyllis Martin - co-chairs
Communication - Kathrin Brown
Community Outreach - Sherrill Ash

For the complete board list, go to: 2017-18 MPQG Board

Noreen Nance, Vice President, 831-915-3441


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Charity Quilt Group July Sew-In


August is upon us and so is CAR Week. Let’s avoid the parking lots known as our highways and meet Friday the 25th. Our Sew-ins have generally been kind of open, so if you have a charity project to work on just bring that. There may be some labels and bindings, but I also have projects at the ready.

Come to my home near Laguna Seca, and your bag lunch for a great time with a fun group. We start at 9:30 am, call if you need directions.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881



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2017 Monterey County Fair Poster

The Fair is Coming!

August 21 Update: Thanks to all who volunteered for shifts and scribing. Our ranks are complete. If you're able to be an "on call" volunteer, please give me a call.

August Update Quilt Info: The call for entries is now closed. If you entered a quilt in the Fair, it does not acknowledge the entries by mail. You will just turn in your quilt at the Home Arts Building on the fairgrounds on August 19th between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Fair runs from August 31 to September 4 this year. Pick up of your quilts is on Tuesday, September 5, from Noon to 6 p.m.

The theme of this year’s fair is: Fair Fun in the Summer of LOVE. Celebrating 50 years since Monterey Pops in 1967. Same as last year, quilts will be displayed in their own hall, and we provide White Glove service for our quilts and will sell tickets for our raffle quilt. I also hope some of you will consider doing a demonstration of a quilt skill.

Kathrin Brown, Fair Liaison
email, 408-838-1004


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Thanks and Congratulations to Back Porch Fabrics

Thank you to the very generous Gail Abeloe, owner of Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove for donating 21 raffle prizes to benefit MPQG. Aren't we quilters lucky to have BPF in our own back yard. If you're new to the area, go to to learn more about the classes, gallery show, and of course, fabrics and supplies.

The raffle raised $430.00 ... we'll put it to good use.

BTW - Do you need inspiration for your wildflower quilt for the Natural History Museum exhibit? Look no further than the panel to the right.

Raffle Prizes for fundraiser

Above: Gift Certificate for a free class, and Garden Party panel from Michael Miller Fabrics LLC

Twenty-One Lucky Winners: Elizabeth Hull, Maia Carroll, Sheela Lepine, Allison Barrett, Tina Magill, Jane Garrettson, Judi Brown, Jeanne Krener, June Wolfe, Mary Kay Hamilton, Tracey Gates, Anna Russell, Kathleen Clancy, Judy Furman, Claudia Sammis, Yo Matsuta, Holly Casey, Heather Butts, Elizabeth McInnes, Cindy Brown, and Elaine Seely.




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Dues Due


Dues are Due

The annual membership fee for new and renewing members in the Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild is $50 and our new year begins September 1st. If our membership decides we would like a printed directory, we will include members with dues paid by September 1st. You may renew at our August Guild meeting, but why wait? Send me your Membership Form (a simplified version follows) with any changes in your contact information, along with your check in the amount of $50 written to MPQG. Please do not send cash through the mail.

Your timely renewal and active participation keeps our Guild strong.

Linda Branting, Membership, 650-703-0531

Membership Renewal Form


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Meet Terry Burns


An Interview with Terry Burns

When quilter Terry Burns reflects on her stitching history, she sees two distinct phases, and distinct motivations for each. The first phase began with the promise of a Popsicle. The second began in darkness and loss.

“I started sewing in fourth grade,” recalls Terry. “A teenage neighbor gave afternoon sewing classes in the summer, and she always had a Popsicle for us. I loved it.”

The love grew. Throughout high school in her native Minnesota, Terry sewed almost all of her clothing. “My father was an upholsterer,” she says, “so he understood sewing. He took me aside one day and said, ‘You know, Terry, I can’t buy you all the clothes you’d like. But if you choose to make them, I will get you all the fabric you want.’ And that was my permission.” Her father wasn’t the only family member who encouraged her. “My mother would go to heck and gone with me to choose the right fabrics, and she’d talk me into bolder fabrics because I am tall and can wear them.”

Terry carried her passion for sewing into early adulthood. “When I was raising my two girls, I sewed everything from their underclothes out, except their winter coats,” she says, “And I still loved it.” Amid a busy household, she found that sewing conferred an unexpected benefit: “When I was sewing, it was the only time the whole family left me alone.”

But she set aside her machine—and those rare moments of solitude—to pursue her dream career of managing medical practices. To that end, Terry earned a bachelor’s degree in business, and then a master’s degree. Work and life and family eventually brought her to the Monterey Peninsula, and a career-capping job at CSUMB.

But soon after retirement in 2009, Terry found herself adrift without the rhythms of work. Then she learned that her best friend of 35 years had lung cancer. “She was in the hospital in Sacramento. I’d go up every three weeks and spend five days with her. I did that for about three months, and she passed,” Terry recalls.

Darkness and loss took hold.

“I was really down one day, and talking to my youngest daughter. She said, ‘You know, Mom, I think you’d like quilting. I think that would be a good fit.’” Her daughter’s suggestion, Terry continues, “was the trigger that I had to do something. So I got online and found Craftsy. I signed up for a class and learned crazy quilting. I still miss my friend every day. She was one of those special, special people. But now I have quilting, and I thoroughly enjoy it.”

The second phase of Terry’s sewing life was launched. She bought a pair of quilt patterns, and read the instructions of one. “I got so danged confused because I didn’t yet understand the language of quilting,” she says, so she set the patterns aside and began to figure it out for herself. With her first quilt and all that have followed, she has enjoyed “learning about the colors, learning about the design, and doing the math of it. The creative part and the calculating part: that’s what I love.”

Today, eight years later, Terry remains largely self-taught, though she did join the MPQG about three years ago with her quilter-friend Tamberly Petrovich. “I love going to the guild meetings,” she says, “and I love the presentations. I get a lot of tips. Another thing that speakers do for me: they can have corners that are wavy, or colors that I would never put together, or designs that make me think, ‘I wouldn’t go down that road, but isn’t it gorgeous?’ The speakers [inspire me] to go outside my little box. I really look forward to the meetings because they help me see beyond my normal.”

“And,” she adds of the guild, “they’re a nice bunch of people. They really are.”

Terry quilts in the study of the art-filled home she shares with her husband and several rescue cats in Pacific Grove. Her sewing table and her Sears Kenmore machine—a 45-year-old stalwart—overlook the sunroom, which overlooks a riotous garden. The closet holds a generous supply of fabrics, organized by color and type. Like any quilter, Terry chooses her fabric by pattern and hue, but she also thinks about price. “I try to focus on half-price if I can,” she says. “I don’t mind paying full price if that’s what I need [for] my project. But, to me, a bargain is a kick.”

To that end, Terry often visits the fabric outlet in Watsonville, and a Paso Robles store that features discontinued fabrics. “And of course I go to Back Porch Fabrics, which has a great half-price table,” she says. “If I can find something really reasonable, if I can get the majority of a quilt’s materials for a good price, then I don’t mind donating it. In fact, I love donating quilts.”

Quilts are not all that Terry makes and donates. “I am quite involved with the Carmel Foundation for seniors,” she says. In addition to having served on their Board of Directors, “I’ve done embroidered flour-sack towels for them for about nine years. I donate 100 to 200 towels a year for them to sell, and they put the earnings into their own account” to pay for services such as low-income housing for local seniors. “That’s an important piece for me: to help out, quietly.” And, she jokes, whether it’s quilts or tea towels, donating means that “they’re not in the house. They leave, and that makes room for the next project.”

A chair in Terry’s study is stacked with her current works-in-progress: a trio of red, cream and black quilts that three of her grandchildren will use on their frequent visits to Pacific Grove, and a quilt of pieced feathers, in shades of blue, green and purple. The feather quilt is for a friend with a terminal illness. “My friend, her mother, her daughter and her sister all got feathers tattooed on their wrists as a gesture of solidarity. I loved the idea, and thought of getting one too. But then I thought, I’ll do a stylized feather quilt, and she will know. This is what I can bring to the feather club for my friend.”

This echo of the tragedy that led Terry to quilting reminds her that, as much as the craft has brought her great joy, it also has value in the dark times. “When I am sewing, I focus on sewing and not on other things. It reminds me of playing the flute, which I did for many years. I was never a natural at it; I had to concentrate and read the music. It was so wonderful to me, because when I was playing, I couldn’t think of anything else. I was totally immersed in that little world. Quilting and sewing do the same for me.”

Last in the stack is a king-sized quilt that Terry made at her husband’s request, featuring the card trick pattern in a wash of blue and brown batiks. (She brought this quilt to the July guild meeting for show and tell.) She is now making pillowcases to match.

“We are both thrilled with it. My husband’s very supportive of this sometimes expensive habit of mine,” she says, adding that his stance is usually hands-off. But with this quilt, “I said, ‘do you want to go with me [to the Last Stitch] as I select the thread and how to get it quilted?’ He did, and we had a ball, just had a ball figuring out the designs. When we picked out the threads and picked out the pattern and all of that, it was a delightful time.

“And,” Terry concludes, “it’s truly our quilt now.”

Cat Toth, Communications Team


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Free Cycle at September Meeting

Free Cycle at September Meeting

It's time for FREE CYCLE!! This is when you bring fabric and other quilting items that you no longer want/need to the September meeting. We will have tables set up outside. All will be free for the taking. First come, first served. Anyone can help themselves to anything that they want. No money is exchanged.

One rule: If your items are not taken, you need to take them back home. Please do not leave them. When? Starts at 6:15 p.m. at the September meeting. Free Cycle closes during the tie-in and reopens afterward so that you can get that piece of fabric! Please bring shopping bags. Remember! Only clean fabric.

Last year was a huge success!

Liz Rondelle, Free Cycle
email, 831-601-0330


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Welcome, Membership News

Membership News

Welcome, new member Holley Arbeit of Pacific Grove! Holley joined us for the August meeting and caught a glimpse of what we're up to through the fab range of Challenge Quilts on display and helpful mini workshops offered by fellow members. We look forward to getting better acquainted with you, Holley!

Back by popular demand: A printed, easy-to-read Member Directory!

This will be up-to-date as of September 1st, 2017, the deadline for membership dues, and will be passed out to members only (at no charge, of course) at the October Guild meeting. Members renewing after September 1st will not be included in the printed directory but may purchase one for $5 for as long as our supply lasts.

Are you wondering who is in the printed 2017-2018 Directory? If your name is here, you are in!

Marge Able, Dorothy Abeloe, Gail Abeloe, Kathy Addington, Janyce Anderson, Donna Appleget, Holley Arbeit, Sherrill Ash, Allison Barrett, Jamie Bellew, Deborah Biller, Janet Borchardt, Linda Branting, Judi Brown, Kathrin Brown, Kristina Brown, Heather Butts, Gudny Campbell, Terann Carr, Holly Casey, Carol Catalano, Kathleen Clancy, Pat Cornelius, June Cornell, JoAnne Coss, Diane Costa Gabler, Fatima Dias, Marie Faile, Karen Flamme, Donna Foote, Judith Furman, Nancy Garcia-Ganan, Linda Garofalo, Jane Garrettson, Tracey Gates, Dru Hammond, Anita Harriger, Judy Harold, Gloria Hatton, Nora Dean Hekkers, Jean Herrschaft, Dana Herz, Elizabeth Hull, Rita Jacques, Jane Jarrett, Colleen Johnson, Johanne Karvelson, Corliss Kelly, Jeanne Krener, Stella LePine, Maia Liddell, Regina Liske, Marjorie Longo, Kristina Magill, Phyllis Martin, Yo Matsuda, Joanne May, Catherine McGovern, Elizabeth McInnis, Lyn McMillin, Susan Michelson, Kathy Miller, Sally Miller, Jeanne Mills, Regina Moore, Noreen Nance, Laurie Pakula, Tamberly Petrovich, Ann Pettit, Liz Rondelle, Anna Russell, Claudia Saunders, Beverly Schiavoni, Elaine Seely, Carol Silveira, Bert Sison, Alice Stoll, Linda Stoner, Janet Taillon, Marianne Tatum, Beverlee Taylor, Catherine Toth, LaDonna Valenti, Amy Wareham, Sharon Winter, and June Wolfe.

Haven't renewed yet? It's time to write that check and find a postage stamp. Annual membership fee for new and renewing members is $50. Please write your check payable to MPQG and send to:
Linda Branting
MPQG Membership
P O Box 2715
Carmel, CA 93921

When renewing, be sure to let me know if you have changes in contact information!

Linda Branting, Membership, 650-703-0531


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Amazon Smile and Escrip logos

eScrip and AmazonSmile

MPQG now has a new and simple way to earn money through the charity donation programs (and yes we ARE an official charity under government rules) of AmazonSmile program and through the eScrip program.

The two programs work in different ways.

  • AmazonSmile requires that you designate a charity, and then make purchases at Amazon under the AmazonSmile banner. Then, 0.05% of your purchase comes directly into our bank account quarterly. Here are links to the AmazonSmile program....easy to sign up, no charge, works with Prime or regular Amazon....and you can see your contribution at any time.
  • eScrip works differently depending on which store you purchase from. Locally, Lucky/FoodMAxx/SaveMart are major partners. (More to come when I figure it out!...possibly Target!) It's as simple as using your rewards card or phone # when you purchase after designating your Charity. Again the funds go directly into our bank account.

FYI - eScrip allows for mass registration by the coordinator. I can do this for you and you'll get an email to confirm that you want to join. Again, it's free and only your phone # and an email are needed just like a rewards card. We can get up to 3% of amounts spent!!!! I will have eScrip signup sheets, more info, and step-by-step directions at the next meeting.

NEED HELP?...Have questions? PLEASE ASK ME.

Tina Magill, eScrip and AmazonSmile Donations Coordinator
  email, 510-206-8477


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Request for 2019 Raffle Quilt Designs

Call for Design Proposals
2019 Raffle Quilt

Yes, now is the time when we start thinking about the next Raffle Quilt. And yes, it will be raffled off during the 2019 Quilt Show. So if you are interested in creating an original design or using a copyrighted pattern with permission from the designer; one that encourages Guild participation; and one that has people opening their wallets for a chance at a very special quilt. Now is your moment.

The MPQG Board will be taking proposals through October to be finalized by the November board meeting. All proposals must include a marketing commitment and plan. This is an excellent project for friendship or small groups. And, it is a major fundraiser for the Guild. Think of the accolades; think of the acclaim if your creative spirit can help the Guild balance its budget!

Allison Barrett, Activities


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Touch of Red, 2017 Guild Challenge

August Update: A huge thanks to all of you who participated in the TOUCH OF RED quilt challenge. The response was overwhelming, with 57 lovely and unique quilts turned in at our guild meeting. They will be displayed at the Monterey County Fair from August 31 - September 4, where you can view them all as well as vote for your favorite. The results of the voting will be announced at our September guild meeting.

For questions, please email or call:

Challenge Quilt Committee promoting


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Order Discount Tickets for Pacific International Quilt Festival

Going to Pacific International Quilt Festival?
Order Discount Tickets

Carole Olsen is once again buying discounted entrance tickets to PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) for our guild members. The ticket cost is $13 (a discount of $2), is good for all 4 days, and most importantly means that you don't have to wait in line to get in. Just wave your wrist-band at the door. If you are interested, bring $13 cash to the August 7th or September 11th meeting. Carole must have sign-ups by September 12. She will bring wristbands to the October 2nd meeting. PIQF is October 12-16, 2017, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.



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Double Hour Glass quilt block

Double Hour Glass

Thanks to Kathrin Brown for this month's cleverly constructed block.

You'll appreciate her easy tips and techniques. For directions, go to /block-of-the-month.htm.




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Call for Entries, Members' Exhibit

Exhibition Opportunity
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

Did you know that as a San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles member, you can add an “Artist Benefit” for $20 to your current membership and with that have your art exhibited at the museum?

Here is more info:
SJMQT is excited to tell you about our first Biennial Members Exhibition and how you can participate. This juried exhibition will feature works by our members, both 2-D and 3-D, in all fiber art media. We are looking for the best and most innovative work by our members to complement Expressions of Identity: 40th Anniversary Exhibition, October 20, 2017-January 14, 2018, and help celebrate our 40th anniversary! Submission deadline for the Biennial Members Exhibition is September 15, 2017.

Here is how you can participate:
Go to SJMQT website by clicking here and purchase the additional Artist Benefit ($20). In return, we will add your name and website to our Artist Member page and you may enter up to three works in our Members Exhibition.

Click here to see the Call for Entry for our 40th Anniversary Members Exhibitions. Even if you don’t wish to enter this year’s exhibit, we hope you will consider becoming an artist member of a museum that shares your passion for quilt making and fiber art, and is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the art, creators, craft, and history of quilts and textiles.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and showcasing our members’ works this fall.


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Heart Pillows for October

Wow, we have been so busy lately! Don’t forget to make some heart pillows for our Breast Cancer Awareness Month pillow give-away! We have been given a number of bags of fiber fill for you to use, and they will be available at the September 11 meeting. I’ll also bring iron-on labels and patterns too. Your finished pillows can be turned in at the October meeting.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts
email, 831.375.7881


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Wildflower Quilt Exhibit at
PG Museum of Natural History

We’re very excited to announce a second Guild quilt exhibition at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, this time reflecting a theme of wildflowers. The show will open in mid-December 2017 and run until late April 2018.

The exhibition will feature quilts from Guild members depicting aspects of wildflowers in any style—traditional, modern, art, abstract, etc. The show will overlap with the Museum’s annual wildflower exhibit. Please note that quilts submitted for the Museum exhibition will NOT be available for the Guild’s Quilt Show in early April. This means we can have quilts on exhibit in two places at once!

This year, the Museum will be accepting the quilts during one day in early December, and quilters will be able to pick their quilts up from the Museum in late April 2018. Quilters may submit up to three quilts. The maximum size for each quilt is a perimeter of 120 inches.

Please watch the website and newsletter for specific details. Only Guild members may enter quilts, and the Museum will make the final call on those that are exhibited.

Nora Deans, President, 831-760-9800


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2018 Raffle Quilt

Gorgeous POP OF COLOR! Our 2018 Raffle Quilt

To the left is our 2018 Raffle Quilt, designed by Gudny Campbell and beautifully quilted by Holly Casey. Make sure to get a good view of it at the Fair. It’s a stunner.

Want to help market this quilt? Do you have plans to visit another guild and could take the quilt and sell tickets? Have some other ideas where to show and market the quilt? Perhaps the Women’s club, some other art events? Any suggestions are welcomed.

If yes is your answer to the above questions, please contact Gudny Campbell at

Size: 90" wide x 92" high


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 July Show and Tell

July Show and Tell

 July Show and Tell


Thanks to Cat Toth for photos.

 July Show and Tell



 July Show and Tell

 July Show and Tell

 July Show and Tell


 July Show and Tell








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August Board Projects

August Board Projects

  • Meeting: Business Meeting with Elections, followed by General Meeting with Lecture. Committee Responsibility: Vice President, Program
  • Call for Community Grant Award proposals. Committee Responsibility: Vice President
  • Announce volunteers who will serve on Supporting Committees. Committee Responsibility: Vice President
  • Back Porch Fabrics Anniversary Benefit Raffle. Responsibility: Back Porch Fabrics, Program
  • Membership re-enrollment continues. Committee Responsibility: Membership, Communications
  • Challenge Quilts due. Committee Responsibility: Activities
  • Continue volunteer signups for Monterey County Fair (Aug. 30 - Sept. 3, 2018). Committee Responsibility: Community Outreach
  • Approve Budget for next year beginning September 1. Committee Responsibility: Treasurer, Board
  • MPQG Officers and Standing Coordinators Orientation (Tuesday, August 28, 2018). Committee Responsibility: Board
  • Close Books on fiscal year ending August 31. Committee Responsibility: Treasurer
  • Updates and announcements to Communications the 13th of month. Committee Responsibility: All, Communications


Board Projects for September

September Board Projects

  • Community Service Night (no lecture), Free Flea Market Preceding. Committee Responsibility: Community Outreach, Liz Rondelle
  • New fiscal year begins September 1. Committee Responsibility: Treasurer
  • Advertiser renewals due for annual rate. Committee Responsibility: Communications
  • Display Raffle Quilt and sell tickets at the Monterey County Fair - August 31 to September 4. Committee Responsibility: Community Outreach
  • Display Challenge Quilts at the Monterey County Fair - August 31 to September 4. Committee Responsibility: Activities
  • Call for Community Grant Award proposals. Committee Responsibility: Vice President
  • Recruit Quilt Show committee chairs. Committee Responsibility: Quilt Show Chair
  • Website changes due to web manager for specific area. Committee Responsibility: All, Communications
  • Plan for Winter Benefit Social gift baskets. Committee Responsibility: Board
  • Call for original raffle quilt designs due in October for selection in November. Committee Responsibility: Activities
  • MPQG Officers and Standing Coordinator Orientation (Tuesday, August 29, 2017). Committee Responsibility: Board
  • Updates and announcements to Communications by the 13th of the month. Committee Responsibility: All, Communications


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Other Quilting News

Patricia Cox quilt photo

Above: Liberating Golden by Patricia Cox

Travels with Gwen:
in search of Liberation
in Gallery
at Back Porch Fabrics

Quilts by students of Gwen Marston at a recent Empty Spools Seminars. July 2 through September 5. Reception for the artists is Sunday, July 9, 1 to 3 p.m.

Location: 157 Grand Avenue at Central, Pacific Grove, CA, 831-375-4453.


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Making A Difference, Moth Radio Hour

Making a Difference

I am a fan of National Public Radio’s The Moth program, which features life stories by interesting people telling their experiences. I rarely come across quilting stories outside of the quilting world, but was pleased to hear this one, by a woman who made quilts for families of victims of 9/11. The connection I felt so strongly was in this quilter’s questioning of whether making these comfort quilts really made a difference to people.

This is something our guild does well and often, and we should all be proud of that work, as this quilter ultimately found out. Here is a link to her story:

Maia Liddle, email


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New Shows at San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

New Shows Open at the Quilt Museum

Lots of exhibits open on Friday, July 21 and run through October 15. For details and enticing photos, go to: While you're on their website, don't miss the article on the Artist in Residence if there is one this exhibit period. In addition, there are numerous ongoing events that you will want to explore ... some include children/young people.

The museum is located in a happening San Jose location within easy walk to restaurants, and reasonably priced parking.


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Quilts made by men coming to the American Folk Art Museum

Made by Men in Wartime
Coming to
American Folk Art Museum

War and Pieced: The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics, is the first exhibition in the United States to highlight quilts made by men during times of war, using wool from military uniforms. The exhibition will go on view at the American Folk Art Museum in New York (2 Lincoln Sq., Columbus Ave. at 66th Street) from September 6, 2017 to January 7, 2018. The exhibition will travel to the Quilt Study Center & Museum, University of Lincoln-Nebraska, to be on view May 25–September 16, 2018. To read the complete article, go to:

Allison Barrett, Activities


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Nancy Bavor Named Executive Director

Nancy Bavor
Appointed as Executive Director of
San Jose Quilt Museum

Terrific Choice!

In a email to members dated July 13, 2017 …

Dear Museum Friends,
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the Board of Directors of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles announces the appointment of Nancy Bavor as Executive Director.

Nancy brings a wealth of experience with non-profits and museums, serving as board member, volunteer and staff with a variety of local arts organizations, including the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford, and Gamble Garden Center in Palo Alto. She has a Masters degree in the History of Textiles with a quilt studies emphasis from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Her thesis was the basis for a recent exhibition she curated at the museum, The California Art Quilt Revolution: From the Summer of Love to the New Millennium.

Nancy was associated with SJMQT as an intern and volunteer for several years before joining the staff in 2013. Since then she has served in multiple roles, including Curator of Collections and Exhibits Coordinator. Since April 2017, she has served as Interim Executive Director. She knows our history and community well and her leadership ensures continuity for the museum.

We look forward to working with Nancy in the museum’s 40th anniversary year and beyond. Please join us in welcoming her in her new role as Executive Director.

Tien Chiu
President, Board of Directors, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

For information about the museum, go to: San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.


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Show Your Work

Are you looking for more exposure for your work? Check these web sites for textile-friendly exhibitions: