President's Message

President's Message - June 2018

Happy summer everyone. I’m trusting that each of you has recuperated from the quilt show. I know it has taken me a while - not quite as resilient as I used to be.

The quilt show was a great success for the guild. Attendance numbers were up - thanks to the great weather and especially Maia Liddle who does so much to get the show advertised. Our final monetary gain has been the best in a while. The mini quilts and garage sale are great money makers for us. Thank you to all who donate to both of these and a pat on the back to everyone.

I’m truly excited at the fantastic response to our questionnaire regarding the possibility of providing some morning meetings for the guild. As of this writing, there have been over 90 responses. That is excellent and so far an overwhelmingly positive response to giving occasional morning meetings a try. It will take a while for the Board and Committee members to work out feasibility for programs. Stay tuned for further information.

It is nearing time for the election of Board members. Each position is a 2 year commitment and we alternate election of members in order to maintain continuity. The positions opening this year are Vice President, Treasurer, activities and membership. Please consider making yourselves available. The Board meets monthly and is incredibly organized.

As the fair weather is upon us, get outside, breathe the fresh air, and gain inspiration for next year's prize winning quilt!

Rita Jacques, President, 360-561-6296


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Member Interview

Meet Kris Brown

Read the lastest of our Member Interview Series. Click here for the interview with Kris Brown.


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May 7

Show and Tell


Many thanks to Cat for the terrific photographs taken.

may show and tellLinda Garofalo
may Show and TellCarole Olsen



For more photographs, click here.

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Welcome pineapple

Membership News: May

This month we welcomed two members at our Guild meeting — new member Lynn Olsen of Pacific Grove, and returning member Sharon Clune of Salinas. We’re happy you’re joining us and look forward to seeing you at meetings and workshops.

Linda Branting, Membership, 650-703-0531


 P.S. And both of these new members volunteered at the quilt show and boutique for hours!!!


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challenge quilt

Theme: What Goes Around?

Taking on our new challenge is the perfect project after our Guild Quilt Show! Are you full of new ideas that you’d like to try in a small format? Here’s your chance to preview it before you embark on queen size.

Subject: Your choice, but you must use at least one circle somewhere in the quilt. Circle(s) may be pieced, appliquéd, fused, raw-edged, zig-zagged, painted, or in fabric (yo-yos anyone?).

Size: 18”x18” square

Fabric: Your choice

Due Date: August 6th Guild Meeting. They will be held and displayed as a group in the Quilt Room at the Monterey County Fair later that month.

Reminder: Your quilt should have 3 layers. It should include a 4” sleeve for hanging and have a label on the back with your name, the quilt’s name and “2018 MPQG Challenge”. You are welcome to make and submit more than one quilt. This small format is a great opportunity to try that new technique you just learned or want to learn.

Lovely full page reminders in protective sleeves are available at Guild meetings. There are still circle templates available. Drop by if you have any questions.

Dru Hammond
email, 831-241-1411

Linda Garofalo
email, 415-444-6142

Linda Branting,
email, 650-703-0531


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May Board Projects

Board Projects: May

  • Meeting: Lecture - Geri Patterson Kutras. Responsibility - Program.
  • Approve Challenge Quilt plan. Responsibility - Activities.
  • Print Raffle Quilt tickets and promotional materials. Responsibility - Community Outreach.
  • Call for activities to market Raffle Quilt. Responsibility - Community Outreach.
  • Exhibit April Quilt Show Viewers' Choice Winners at the General Meeting. Responsibility - Quilt Show.
  • Conduct Quilt Show review; prepare recap with recommendations; present to board. Responsibility - Quilt Show.
  • Updates and announcements to Communications the 13th of month. Responsibility - All, Communications.



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Monterey County Fair logo

Monterey County Fair

Sign-ups for volunteering at this year’s County Fair will start in June. The guild has been very helpful and appreciated in manning the Quilt Room and it is a good way for us to reach out to the greater Monterey area. Noreen Nance and the Marketing Committee for our new Raffle Quilt will be available to help. Booklets may be available and there will be instructions on how to enter online. For fair info, go to

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts
email, 831.375.7881





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Quilt for Doc proposal accepted

Steinbeck Center Accepts
MPQG Doc Ricketts Quilt Proposal

**May 22nd Update from Joan Costello**

Please finish your silk blocks for the Steinbeck quilt and bring them to the June meeting. The blocks  that are already finished look stunning!

I'm looking for volunteers to help with hand embroidery and with putting the top together. If you can help, please contact Joan Costello at or 831-247-1907.

Please read the acceptance letter below to better understand our challenge.

February 15, 2018

Dear Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild,

Many thanks for your fine proposal. We have selected yours as the best submission and are delighted that you will undertake this project.

As the National Steinbeck Center looks forward to its 20th anniversary on June 28, we are working to re-conceptualize and renovate our exhibits. We are delighted that your quilt will add interest to the Ed Ricketts bedroom in the museum.

As you know, the inspiration for this project came from Cannery Row, where everyone on the Row is preparing for Doc’s birthday party:

“Take the girls at Dora’s. All of them had at one time or another gone over to the laboratory for advice or medicine or simply unprofessional company. And they had seen Doc’s bed. It was covered with an old faded red blanket full of fox tails and burrs and sand, for he took it on all his collecting trips. If money came in he bought laboratory equipment. It never occurred to him to buy a new blanket for himself. Dora’s girls were making him a patchwork quilt, a beautiful thing of silk. And since most of the silk available came from underclothing and evening dresses, the quilt was glorious in strips of flesh pink and orchid and pale yellow and cerise. They worked on it late mornings and in the afternoon before the boys from the sardine fleet came in…”

Cannery Row, p. 157

“They were just seated formally, sipping delicately at the whiskey, when Dora and the girls came in. They presented the quilt. Doc laid is over his bed and it was beautiful.”

Cannery Row, p. 173

The National Steinbeck Center gladly agrees to the terms and plans of your proposal and looks forward to seeing your work. The NSC will reimburse you for supplies. And there will also be a $750 payment when the quilt is complete. Please take photos of your work so we may see the process as it unfolds. We would love to include progress in the Steinbeck News. Congratulations! Have fun with the construction!


Tara Spada
Events and Exhibits Coordinator
National Steinbeck Center

Sherrill Ash, Community Outreach, 831-915-2296


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Charity Quilt News


June meeting CQFG


Is Friday, June 15th circled on your calendar? You are welcome to join our fun little Charity Friendship Group on that day. This will be another open workshop day with an emphasis on our charity projects. Bring whatever you are working on or grab a neonatal kit from me. Does anyone have another group idea? Time 9:30 a.m. through lunch. At my home near Laguna Seca.

Our hex quilt was given to US Renal Care in May, so it is fulfilling its mission. Thanks to everyone who participated in that project.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881




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Happiness is a Warm Quilt

Bed quilt made by Tea and Stitches
Above: Our Tea and Stitches group, made this queen/king quilt for Santa Rosa fire victims. Thanks to Diane Bare of Santa Rose for quilting it. On their Facebook page, "Happiness Is" frequently features quilts and pillow cases donated by MPQG members and delivered by Terann Carr and Kathrin Brown.

Update - Spring Update

The Facebook page is humming with activity and quilters pitching in to help. Here are the key points:

  • Note from Santa Rosa Quilt Guild - Please don't send anymore fabric or notions. They are swamped with fabric and gratitude.
  • Volunteers are actively delivering quilts to those in need.
  • Kathi Carter Sweet needs smaller quilts and crib quilts for Santa Rosa families. She is a long-arm quilter and will take tops. Deliver to Always Quilting.
  • This will be a two year project before those burned out are resettled. Bed-sized quilts are most appreciated.

Our thanks go to Terann Carr and Kathrin Brown for delivering quilts to Always Quilting.

Quilts for NORCAL Fire Victims

This email request with the very appealing graphic was forwarded to your web manager for posting. I've joined their Facebook group in anticipation of learning more and will let Terann Carr know about any updates from them. If you have bed quilts or juvenile pillowcases watch for news from Terann Carr, our Charity Quilt Coordinator. Or, send/deliver your quilts to:

Always Quilting
4230 Olympic Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403
Eddie's Quilting Bee
480 S Mathilda Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Golden State Quilting
2435 S. Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 866-1182
The Cotton Patch
1025 Brown Avenue
Lafayette, CA 94549


Terann Carr, Charity Quilts, 831.375.7881



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Shopping with Amazon Smile and eScrip


Amazon Smile and Escrip

Don't forget to use Amazon Smile with our guild as the donation recipient. Here's how: Go to and sign up. You can use Prime, or not. Then, choose Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild as your charity of choice. Last, shop as you normally would ... just make sure that you are on the Smile portion of Amazon.

You can also help the guild by signing up and using your donation eScrip at Lucky Supermarket. Ask Tina Magill for help.

eScrip and AmazonSmile

Here's the basic info:

MPQG now has a new and simple way to earn money through the charity donation programs (and yes we ARE an official charity under government rules) of AmazonSmile program and through the eScrip program.

The two programs work in different ways.

  • AmazonSmile requires that you designate a charity, and then make purchases at Amazon under the AmazonSmile banner. Then, 0.05% of your purchase comes directly into our bank account quarterly. Here are links to the AmazonSmile program....easy to sign up, no charge, works with Prime or regular Amazon....and you can see your contribution at any time.
  • eScrip works differently depending on which store you purchase from. Locally, Lucky/FoodMAxx/SaveMart are major partners. (More to come when I figure it out!...possibly Target!) It's as simple as using your rewards card or phone # when you purchase after designating your Charity. Again the funds go directly into our bank account.

FYI - eScrip allows for mass registration by the coordinator. I can do this for you and you'll get an email to confirm that you want to join. Again, it's free and only your phone # and an email are needed just like a rewards card. We can get up to 3% of amounts spent!!!! I will have eScrip signup sheets, more info, and step-by-step directions at the next meeting.

NEED HELP?...Have questions? PLEASE ASK ME.

Tina Magill, eScrip and AmazonSmile Donations Coordinator
  email, 510-206-8477


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Money Pie

MPQG Members:
Let's Get our Share of $4 Million!

It's not too good to be true. Over $4 Million per year in eScrip contributions are waiting for our guild - and most of this is still available from the Shares powered by the eScrip program! We can get our SHARES by getting our members to sign up and shop at Lucky, SaveMart and FoodMaxx stores.

Here's what the top earners have made this year:

  • St. Anthony's School - $13,043
  • Central Valley Christian School - $12,113
  • Valley Oak SPCA - $11,778
  • Sammie's Friends - $10,667
  • St. Joachim School - $10,085

Read on to understand how easy it is to sign up. It won't take long to add to the guild coffers when you do your grocery shopping at the local Lucky Markets.

The most recent report from eScrip was back in November at a whopping $5 for the guild -- better than nothing, of course. We're hoping many more members will have signed up before the next quarterly report.

Tina Magill, Escrip and AmazonSmile Donations Coordinator
email or cell: 510-206-8477



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Quilt Show News


Best of Show Winner 2018

2018 Quilt Show Ribbon Winners

Each year, our quilt show displays beautiful quilts. This year, the creativity and quality of the art really shone, don't you think?

Members who enter quilts in our show are offered the option of having their quilts judged, or not. There is a small fee for those wishing their quilts to be judged which is applied to the fee that the professional quilt judge charges our guild. Many members enjoy the opportunity to win a ribbon and feel that they benefit from reading the judge's notes regarding their quilt.

Best of Show was awarded to Catherine McGovern for Cherry Blossom, on left. Judges Choice went to Kathrin Brown for Fall Forest.

List of Ribbon Winners

1st Place Ribbon Winner










Deb Biller, JudgingCommittee, 831-655-8009


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Terann Carr wins raffle quilt

Successful & Stunning Show

Not only did we have over 500 attendees, a full garage sale to start with and an empty room at the end, and a beautiful boutique, the quilt show design and quilts spoke for themselves: STUNNING!

A HUGE Thank You to all our volunteers and especially our committee chairs who worked tirelessly. We couldn't have done it without you. Committee Chairs: Phyllis Martin (Admission); Stella LePine (Awards Party); June Cornell (Boutique); Linda Branting & Phyllis Martin (Design); Liz Rondelle & Terann Carr (Garage Sale); Jeanne Krener (Treasurer); Patricia Brown (Hanging &amp Dismantling); Debbie Biller, Judi Brown, June Wolfe (Judging); Sharon Winter (Data Entry); Carole Olsen (Library Display); Donna Foote (Mini Raffle); Marie Faile (Parade); Dru Hammond (Programs); Maia Liddle (Publicity); Regina Moore & Dru Hammond (Quilt Reception & Return); Gudny Campbell (Raffle Quilt Marketing); Patty Kennedy (Security); Rita Jacques (Transportation); Donna Appleget (Viewers' Choice); Becky Taylor (Volunteer Coordination); and Marjorie Longo (White Glove).

And last: Our gorgeous raffle quilt is staying in our community. Terann Carr, on left, is the lucky winner. Congrats!

Kathrin Brown, Quilt Show Chair
email, 408-838-1004


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Other Quilting News

Stellar Jay

Stellar's Jay Terry Grant - Beaverton, OR. 2011 12" x 12", cotton fabrics, batting, thread, pieced, fused, machine quilted.

Aussie Birds Kirsten Duncan - Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 2011 12"x12", commercial cotton fabrics, cotton batting and thread, machine applique, machine embellished, and machine quilted.

Bird Quilts

February 25 thru April 30, 2018

From the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection. In the Gallery at Back Porch Fabrics, 157 Grand Avenue in Pacific Grove, CA, 831-375-4453,











Coming May 6, 2018

A Touch of Red

Challenge Quilts by MPQG Members. Opening Reception: Sunday, May 6, 1-3pm. Exhibit dates: May 6 to July 3, 2018. In the Gallery at Back Porch Fabrics, 157 Grand Avenue in Pacific Grove, CA, 831-375-4453,

Left: Hotlips Searching for Charlie Tuna by Tina Magill







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header for

Documenting Your Quilt

Used with the written permission of All articles are copyrighted. Many thanks to Maria Elkins of for allowing us to share this terrific information.

Quiltmaker’s Documentation Form

At the very least, fill out a Quiltmaker’s Documentation Form for each of the quilts you make. On this form you can record all the pertinent information about your quilt. It’s nice to have digital pictures, but computers can crash and technology becomes outdated, so be sure to include a paper photograph of your quilt along with fabric swatches which are useful for monitoring fading. Please feel free to make copies of this quilt documentation form and distribute it to your friends, your quilt guild, or wherever you like.

For how-to details, click here.

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Guns and Violence exhibit
Above: Rest In Power Trayvon by Sara Trail

New Shows Open at the Quilt Museum

Hello Quilt & Textile Community,
We’re unrolling a trailblazing array of exhibitions and events intended to spark dialogue on the topic of gun violence in America. The Museum will be displaying several exhibitions, on view from April 22nd – July 15th.

We’re also partnering with The City of San Jose, San Jose Police Department and Police Foundation to sponsor a Gun Buy-Back Program entitled:

  • Cash + Quilts for Guns

The goal is to reduce the number of guns in our community. Participants will be able to turn in a gun and, in exchange, receive a quilt and cash - no questions asked.

With these powerful exhibitions and programs, we hope to engage our visitors and the community in conversations about the controversial issue of the Second Amendment and gun use in this country.

All the best,
Nancy Bavor,


For more info, go to Don't miss the article on the Artist in Residence on their website. In addition, there are numerous ongoing events that you will want to explore ... some include children/young people.

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
520 S. 1st Street
San Jose, California


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Show Your Work

Are you looking for more exposure for your work? Check these web sites for textile-friendly exhibitions: