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Garage Sale Update - March 2019

A “Rolling Party” is scheduled for March 28, from 12-3pm, at St. Dunstan’s Church in Mid-Valley in preparation for our famous Garage Sale. The guidelines for how to prepare your fabric are below as well as what other things can be contributed. We are not accepting books and magazines this year, they don’t sell well, but that’s the only change.

Don’t forget to sign up to work the sale, especially if you have already been trained on the scale!

Terann Carr, Chair
email, 831-375-7881


Garage Sale Guidelines

It’s not too early to begin the de-stash of those unloved or what was I thinking fabrics and other sewing items for the Quilters Garage Sale at the next Quilt Show. This is a great fundraiser, so let’s keep it going. Good News! Because we have a larger space this year, we will be accepting all quilting and sewing related items.

Follow these guidelines and support the Garage Sale!

Quilters Garage Sale Guidelines

  • All quilting and sewing related items IN GOOD CONDITION please! 
  • Send fabrics that are free of any and all odors.
  • All fabric must be measured, rolled, taped with blue painters tape or stapled into zip lock bags and marked with a permanent marker. Questions? Check out guidelines below. Loose fabrics will not be accepted.

Measuring, Folding and Rolling

  • One fabric per roll.
    • Exception:  if you have a coordinated set of fat quarters, these can be taped in a stack.
    • Please fold fat quarters and use a piece of tape to secure the fold.  This way they are easily recognizable.
    • One piece folded selvage to selvage:
      • Measure along selvage to nearest complete increment of yardage. If there is just a bit left, describe it as ___+ yards
      • Using same measuring process as above, if there is a lot left, you can guess the additional amount for a total.
  • Fabric that measures 2 yards or more may be folded instead of rolled. Please measure and tape the fold. Write yardage on blue painters tape. These will go on a "flat fold" table.

Examples of measurements:

  • Fat Quarter+ (approximately 18”x22”)
  • 2 yards  (2 yards measured along selvage )
  • 2 yards+ (2 yards plus more than a ¼ yard)
  • 2 yards total (multiple pieces of same fabric: 1 full yard plus pieces that equal 1 yard)
  • If your fabric is smaller than ¼ yard or a fat quarter, or you have the same fabric in multiple pieces, please put in zip lock bag
  • A variety of scrap fabrics may be submitted in quart-size zip lock bags. These bags must be marked and stapled shut.


  • Wrap/secure rolled or folded fabric with painters tape.
  • Write measurements on tape used to secure fabric
  • Coordinated fat quarters may be taped in a stack
  • Scrap fabrics submitted in a zip lock bag must be marked as “Scraps” and the bag stapled shut.

Please contact us if other arrangements need to be made for turning in your treasures.

Terann Carr, Chair
email, 831-375-7881