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For the lastest news and updates on current projects, please see the bottom of this page.

Community Outreach and Charity Quilts

Community Outreach MPQG efforts provide both neonatal and lap size quilts, and heart-shaped pillows to several local non-profit organizations.  At the general meeting, the Community Liaison committee member distributes packets of fabrics and patterns, which may be used to make the quilts, if desired. At the general meeting, look for the Charity Quilt table at the back of the room.

Size Guidelines:

  • Neonatal 20" x 24"
  • Dialysis 42" x 60"
  • CASA Children 40" x 50"
  • CASA Teen 42" x 60"
  • SVMH NICU 45" x 45" **NEW**

Fabrics and Batting - What to Use? Fabrics and batting: quilting cotton and flannel work well or anything that can be laundered. The hospitals are not able to launder minki fabric and cannot accept quilts backed with it. If a quilt has two layers of flannel, front and back, there is no need for a bat. In the neonatal quilts that have two layers of cotton, a very light batting is acceptable with minimal machine quilting. This is for flexibility. Wool batting, although warm, needs special handling and is not encouraged. Batting is available through the Guild and can be requested by phoning the Chairperson for Charity Quilts.

Machine quilted or tied It's your choice. One note on knots -- Don't pull them so tight that the block gets puckered.

To wash or not to wash That is the question. It is not necessary. None of our recipients has ever requested this. In the case of the hospitals, they wash the neonatal quilts before using them with the babies, so it is not necessary for us to wash the quilts. If you have used good new, or at least fresh, fabric you can give your quilts away with a clear conscience.

Kits The Charity Quilt table at the Guild meetings has a display of kits to sign out. There are: Neonatal kits in flannel; finishing kits, usually with batting, that can be tied or machine quilted; and Design-It-Yourself kits of coordinating fabrics for you to be creative.

NICU Incubator Quilts **NEW** We recently introduced a new quilt size requested by SVMH NICU of 45 inches square. They will be used to cover the incubator to help block the light. If possible, use dark fabric backs or dark lining besides the batting. MPQG members are encouraged to look through their stashes to find a panel or two that could be filled out to make 45 inches. Families will take these home.

September is ... Annual Charity Quilt Tying Throughout the year, members make quilt tops. The August guild meeting has long been set aside to tie quilts for the Monterey Peninsula Dialysis Center and other non-profit organizations. It is a favorite event for many of us. Meet new friends, learn a new skill, and savor tasty morsels at the Hospitality table. All the while you’ll know that you are encouraging many dear people who have so many challenges ahead. What you can bring?

  • thimble
  • scissors
  • darning needle
  • and, blue painter's tape

Annual Quilt Tying Event

Charity Quilt Friendship Group (CQFG) usually meets in a member’s home the third Friday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to ?? This offers an opportunity for members to work on charity quilts while developing friendships and sharing skills and techniques with others. Call for directions, and to learn what equipment and supplies will be needed for that meeting.

Charity Quilt Activity for 2018

We have had an active year, as always, and here are the totals:

  • Neonatal quilts: 108 of the small ones and 10 of the 45” squares
  • CASA: 45
  • The Christ Child Society: 15
  • The VTC: 13
  • US Renal Care: 24
  • Fire victims: 46
  • Heart Pillows for the three area hospitals: 142 (the most pillows we have ever distributed in one year!)

Well done! It is rewarding to know that our handiwork is encouraging so many families and individuals. Thanks for participating and donating so many lovely quilts. That’s total of 393 items!! Congratulations.

If you've been a recipient of one of our quilts, heart pillows or pillowcases, we'd love to hear from you.

Terann Carr, Charity Quilts
email, 831-375-7881

Recent Charity News

Quilts for Comfort

July 2019 update

After a huge intake at the July meeting, all three area NICUs received ten each neonatal quilts this month.

In addition, five more quilts were sent to children of Paradise who attended Charter schools. Recently I also delivered quilts to US Renal Care (12) and CASA (12 and 5 bags with dolls and their quilts, plus quilts for their little girls).

Keep up the great work. We are making a difference.


Terann Carr