Challenge Quilts

Quilt Challenges are typically held once a year in the Spring. The quilts are shown at the Monterey County Fair in August/September and again at the MPQG Quilt Show the following April. The challenge might involve the use of specific fabrics, a particular theme, size, etc.

Deadline: Monday at the August guild meeting.

Kits (32) were available at the March meeting until they are all taken. The cost was $5.50. Everyone received the same light, neutral, fat quarter and one of four dark, neutral options in the fat eighths.

2016 Theme: A Journey of Wonder - Real or Imagined

Definition: Journey 
1. an act or instance of traveling from one place to another
2. a day’s travel
3. something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another; the journey from youth to maturity; a journey through time
1. to go on a journey
2. to travel over or through

Synonyms: tour, passage, cruise, voyage, pilgrimage, jaunt, trip, outing, expedition, excursion, travel. From Merriam Webster

Size: 18” by 18” square or 18” by 24” rectangle (landscape or portrait)

Fabric: You must use the two fabrics on the front of the quilt along with any additional fabrics of your choice.

Due Date: August 1 at the MPQG meeting

Construction: Your quilt must have three layers - top, batting, and back. It can be hand or machine quilted, or tied. A sleeve for hanging at the 2016 Monterey County Fair and the 2017 MPQG Show is required.

Your quilts will be eligible for judging at the 2017 MPQG Show. There will be a Viewer’s Choice ballot at the Monterey County Fair.

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