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2019 Guild Challenge

2019 Guild Challenge


Size: 18" by 18" square

Subject: A holiday of your choice! Do you look forward to celebrating a particular holiday? This is your opportunity to celebrate that day with a small festive quilt.

Fabric: Entirely your choice!

Due: August MPQG Meeting—6:30 p.m. Monday, August 5th.

Your quilt must have three layers—top, batter, and back. It may be any style (traditional, modern, art, or a combination) and it may be embellished any way you like. This is wide open and leaves you ample room to create something special!

It must have a 4" sleeve for hanging. The label on the back of your quilt should include:

Your name
Your quilts name
2019 MPQG Challenge
Celebrate [fill in holiday name]

Quilts will be displayed at the August Guild meeting, the 2019 Monterey County Fair, and at the April 2020 MPQG Quilt Show where they may be judged if you choose.

Stop by the Guild Challenge table at the next meeting and pick up a sleeved page about the challenge and due date. They will be available only as long as our initial supply lasts.

Linda Garafalo, Linda Branting, and Mary Kay Hamilton
2019 MPQG Challenge Committee



"Celebrate" Challenge Quilts DUE August

July Update

by the Challenge Committee: Linda Branting, Linda Garofalo, Mary Kay Hamilton

Two important reminders: Please remember to put a label on the back of your quilt that includes your name, your quilt’s name, “2019 Quilt Challenge”, and “Celebrate _______________” to let viewers know what holiday you’re celebrating. It may be obvious to you, but is that handsome flag quilt celebrating Fourth of July/Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, or Flag Day? Also, if your quilt celebrates a day that is personal such as an anniversary or a special birthday, please include the date — we will not include that on the printed label if you prefer, but it will help us organize our display through the year.

Also, your quilt needs a 4” sleeve. For step-by-step directions on constructing permanent and temporary hanging sleeves, visit the resource page on the MPQG website.

All Challenge Quilts will be collected on August 5th and submitted to the Fair as a group display from August 29th through September 2nd. You do not have to enter your quilt; we will take care of entering them all and will supervise hanging. Quilts will not be judged for fair ribbons but visitors can vote for their favorites.


Challenge Quilts

Quilt Challenges are typically held once a year in the Spring. The challenge might involve the use of specific fabrics, a particular theme, size, etc. Late Winter or early Spring, watch the NEWS section on the HOME page for details.

The quilts are shown at the Monterey County Fair in August/September. There will be a Viewer’s Choice ballot at the Monterey County Fair.

The quilts are exhibited again at the MPQG Quilt Show the following April. Quilts will be eligible for judging at the MPQG Show, if desired. They are also eligible for the Viewer's Choice ballot.

Deadline: Monday at the August guild meeting.

Questions? Please contact:
Linda Garofalo
email, 415-444-6142
Linda Branting
Mary Kay Hamilton