BOM Guidelines

Do you love to learn about, make, and share different blocks? Do you want a chance to win all blocks? We are rekindling the BOM program to give you that opportunity. The BOM is for you to learn new skills, share your experiences, and encourage newer quilters explore.

Look for the BOM Design Board at the monthly Guild Meeting. Place your block(s) there, and get a chance to win all blocks made. If there are many blocks, we’ll draw a second name.

Stash Busting - You get to use fabrics from your stash. We supply the pattern each month. You pick-up the written pattern at the General Meeting or look for them in the Pines & Needles newsletter.

What does low volume mean? You'll see that phrase in many of our block instructions.  It refers to a fabric where not much is going on except for its color such as a solid, a tone-on-tone or a subtle print. The instructions may also specify a particular light (or dark) low volume fabric such as white, grey, etc. Fabrics that are not low volume include stripes, plaids, or bold prints. The benefit of a low volume fabric is that it (1) provides contrast to the other fabrics, and (2) it lends a pleasing, cohesive look to the many blocks that are received each month.

Win Just the Blocks You Want - Here’s the best part, if you aren’t in love with the block pattern, you can still make it, but don’t put your name in to win them that month.

Points and How It Works - For every one block turned in, you will receive 1 point. Once you have 5 points, you can put your name in the drawing pot to win all BOM. If you win all blocks with 5 credits, you owe 5 points/blocks = as a total of 10 points/blocks are needed to win the BOM outright. If you win the drawing with 5 points, you will have to make 5 blocks in future months to be at zero balance. Then you start building up your points again - 5 will let you put your name in the drawing. You can turn in up to 5 blocks per month. Each of them should follow the pattern but be unique using different fabrics.

We are using points so that winning is not just left to luck, but based on how many blocks someone has turned in. Don’t we all know people who turn in 1 block, and go away with 20 every time! Plus, it encourages everyone to make the BOM.

This may sound kind of strict but we think this system encourages members to participate and share. And, we are going to try to give you some fun, some challenging, and some easy blocks.  And best, we will keep track of your points. See Points Status in column to the right.

If you have any questions, please see us at the BOM table.

Kathrin Brown, Block of the Month
email, 408-838-1004

Points Status: September 2017


2017 - 2018

May MOD Plaid Pineapple

April Strippy Sunset

March MOD Pineapple

February Water Wheel

December Improv Trees

Nov Double Hourglass On Point

October Arrow

Sept Double Hour Glass

2016 - 2017

August Hour Glass

July Star Spangled

June Churn Dash

May Applique Circle

April Feeling the Blues

March Butterfly

February Hearts on Fire

January None

December None

November Mid Century House

October Row of Geese

September Improvisational

2015 - 2016

August Chinese Coins

July Sail Away

June Double Pinwheel

May Scrappy Flower Basket

April Broken Dishes

March Irish Chain

February Heart

January Disappearing 9-Patch

December Pine Tree & 16-Patch

November Maple Leaf

October Ribbon Twist

September What's In Your Mason Jar?