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2019 Past Speakers

Speaker: Rosalie Dace


Monday, March 4, 2019 @7PM


Reflections of an Itinerant Quilter


Rosalie is a longtime teacher at Empty Spools Seminars with always sold-out classes. We are fortunate to have her speak at our guild. Here is the description of the lecture in her own words:

We are all products of history and my quilts come directly from my own life. This lecture traces views and thoughts of people, places, ideas, and objects that have inspired and moved me from my childhood in rural South Africa to the rather crazy traveling I have done over the past 30 years. I show images of my homes and quilts, and the people and places that influenced them. The process of quilt making is enormously important to me and I track various works in progress in my studio, as well as discuss how changes around me have affected and influenced my work. Also included are images of artists whose work I admire from around the world in places I have visited. I think this provides a close look at the working artist and teacher, where it all comes from, what makes me lough, what the challenges are, and where I hope to go with it…. and that always changes, so come and enjoy my journey with me as I reflect on what is means to be an Itinerant Quilter.



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Speaker: Kathy Doughty


Monday, April 1, 2019 @10AM


The Accidental Designer


Kathy began quilt making over 20 years ago after a move to Australia with her family. She opened a patchwork shop in 2003, and eventually developed the popular Material Obsession shop with her husband/photographer, John. Kathy lives in Sydney with her family. We feel very lucky to have her teach a 2-day workshop and give a lecture. In her lecture “The Accidental Designer” she will talk about the Material Obsession story as a shop owner, author, textile designer and teacher. Wearing so many hats gives her a unique look behind the curtain of the industry. Here is an excerpt from her blog and books in her own words:

I take my role as a quilting storyteller seriously. The process balances the need to create and the need to leave an impactful legacy—that defines my artist direction as well as the time and pace in which I live. When looking at traditional quilts, I often think about the quilters who came before me and imagine their lives. I am sure they would have envy of our fabric options and tools. One of the things I like about designing quilts is using a variety of styles, colours and values in fabrics.  Most of the time when I am teaching this is the thing people want to know from do I combine the fabrics? 


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Speaker: Philippa Naylor


Monday, May 6, 2019 @7PM


Making Award Winning Quilts—Secrets for Success


Born in Yorkshire, England, Philippa discovered a love of sewing and knitting as a child. A second-hand sewing machine for her thirteenth birthday enabled her to progress from making dolls clothes to full sized garments for herself, family and friends. After training to be a clothing designer she worked in industry for five years designing lingerie for Courtaulds Clothing. After this she moved to Dhahran Saudi Arabia with her husband Peter, who at he time was working as an English language teacher. Here she set up a business making bespoke wedding and evening dresses, and had two sons Daniel and Benjamin. 

A chance meeting, in Saudi Arabia, in 1996 led to a short quilting course, after which clothing became less interesting and quilting an all-consuming passion. It is only in the last few years the Philippa has been making garments again, other than fancy dress costumes for her sons!

Lecture: “Making Award Winning Quilts. Secrets For Success” Philippa tells you all about her quilt making journey, starting with the tiny hand sewn dolls’ dresses she made as a child through to what is in her sewing machine right now - and everything else in between! Find out about the inspiration, the materials & techniques and the stories behind each piece of work. Everything you wanted to know about making original quilts for exhibition is illustrated, in detail, in this “Quilter Tells All” lecture.



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Speaker: Jane Haworth


Monday, June 10, 2019 @10AM

(Second Monday)

Living A Creative Life


Jane Haworth is an award-winning professional quilter specializing in custom memory quilts made from t-shirts, neckties, and many other types of clothing collected over the years. In addition to quilts, she makes custom functional art items from repurposed materials. Jane also instructs and when she is not creating works of art for her customers, she works on her own quilting projects. 

I have been quilting officially since 2003 but did my first experiments in patchwork (hexagons cut out of newspaper), at about the age of 8. I started making art quilts after my first trip to Kauai and came back inspired with colorful images in my head and in photographs that I needed to recreate in fabric. I had previously made a log cabin quilt for my bed which probably was my first official quilt. To learn more I started recording Simply Quilts on TV and watching Alex and her guests explore all kinds of quilting techniques and styles. But it was the modern techniques and art quilts that really caught my attention. I also bought the book 'Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!' and began working on a sampler quilt with 12" squares. Cutting so precisely and sewing with the 1/4" seams was all pretty new to me and quite restricting, as you can imagine and so I still have about 8 squares still waiting to be completed. I have been involved with fabric for all my life. My grandmother taught me to sew at a young age and I would design and make some of my own clothes. At 18 I went to college in Carlisle, England and studied Textile Design majoring in weaving. My first real job was working for Laura Ashley in one of their factories that produced clothing. I was trained there and become proficient and fast on the sewing machine. The best part of this job was the amazing sales on their fabrics. My stash had started!


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General Meeting: An Evening with Members - Highlighting Two Members

Linda Branting and Sally Miller


Monday, July 1, 2019 @7PM



Mile-a-Minute Mini Quilt Talk by Sally Miller

Join Sally Miller as she details a nearly 20-year long joy ride in using up her scraps as efficiently and quickly as possible. Starting with an innocent article in the Winter 2000 American Quilter Magazine, she embarked on an endless project resulting in many quilts, a tidier studio, and an empty waste basket. Better than that, enjoy crazy, dynamic and unexpected compositions that will free your needle and then free your mind. Sally will share the basic instructions for Mile-a-Minute along with her personal tips and tricks and quilts in her collection. In fact, it is a little like making a pot of soup with ingredients that you already have at home. See you there!

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival with Linda Branting

Linda Branting fed two of her passions—travel and quilting—with her trip to the great Tokyo Quilt Festival in January. While we each see a show through our own lens, after combing through hundreds of photos, she feels she has something that will appeal to everyone. Be inspired by makers' artistry, exquisite piecing, and appliqué. Come away with a few new ideas for border and embellishment. Was the trip worth it? You decide.


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Speaker: Christine Barnes


Monday, August 6, 2019 @7PM


Color: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Kathy Doughty

I'm often asked how I got into teaching and writing about color for quilters. Like almost every other quilter, I began sewing when I was very young. (One of my more "memorable" projects was a doll quilt filled with cotton balls, because when I asked my grandmother what was inside a quilt, she said, "cotton.") Degrees in Textile & Costume Design and Magazine Journalism segued into a career writing books on color, decorating, remodeling, and soft furnishings for Sunset Books, as well as four quilt-making books, and tech editing many more. I've been published in a number of quilt magazines (Modern Patchwork, American Quilter, McCall's Quilting and American Patchwork and Quilting, QNM, Love of Quilting, Threads, and Fabrications, a British quilting magazine) and have appeared on "Simply Quilts." I live in Grass Valley, the heart of Northern California's Gold Country, in a house with a light-filled sewing room where I am always happy.


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Speaker: Laurel Anderson


Monday, October 6, 2019 @7PM


History of Appliquè




Laurel Anderson is the owner of Whisper Color and an award-winning gifted textile artist. Born and raised on the West Coast, Laurel is well known in the San Francisco Bay area as an accomplished applique quilt designer.

Her quilt designs are inspired by her love of nature as seen in her flower and natural lanscape designs which include trees and mountains. She uses a mix of color, pattern, and textures.

The name Whisper Color describes the technique Laurel uses to dye silk scarves. Laurel loves dyeing fabrics including silk scarves, wool, and bamboo batting.

Her work has been seen at West Coast quilt and guild shows. When her sons started school she joined a local quilting group that made quilts for the Richmond Rescue Mission. They made the mistake of complimenting her on her use of color. With that encouragement she thought she could try making quilts for her family. It took three to get her hooked.


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Speaker: Julie Silber


Monday, November 11, 2019 @7PM

(SECOND Monday)


Show Me - Trunk Show of Rare and Beautiful Old Quilts




Julie Silber is one of the world's most respected quilt experts. She has been antique quilts to museums, businesses, and individuals since 1968 Julie was the curator of the world renowned Esprit Quilt Collection in San Francisco and is the co-author of the critically acclaimed books, Hearts and Hands and Amish: The Art of the Quilt. She has curated two of the most respected quilt exhibitions of modern times — those at the Oakland Museum of California and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.


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Winter Social


Monday, December 2, 2019 @6:30PM




Please join us to celebrate our Guild and your fellow quilters at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 2, at the Sally Griffin Center, 700 Jewell Avenue in Pacific Grove.

This is our Annual Fun/draiser to preserve the Art of Quilting. Members and friendship groups are making raffle baskets that you will be able to win by purchasing tickets. We will also have a Silent Auction. So bring your cash, checkbook, and/or a friend with those items.

Each attendee is requested to bring a food item:

  • Lastname A-F: Please bring a dessert
  • Lastname G-Z: Please bring a savory item

Don’t miss this annual party. Five local charity will be represented, give a little talk and receive comfort quilts for their patients.

If you have a Raffle Basket, a Silent Auction item, and are available to volunteer in some capacity on that evening, please contact Fatima Diaz (see Member Directory for contact info). 

Looking forward to seeing you all being winners at this last event of 2019.



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